Even YouTube’s Most Popular Gamer Is Sick Of The Comments

“I go to the comments, and it’s mainly spam, it’s people self-advertising, people that are trying to provoke, people who reply to all these… just all this stuff that, to me, it doesn’t mean anything.” This is rockstar Let’s Play-er PewDiePie explaining why he’s removing comments from his insanely popular YouTube channel, which recently surpassed 30 million subscribers.

The utility and value of internet commenters has been a hot topic for debate recently, but let’s be careful before we get carried away by the news that one of YouTube’s biggest stars is abandoning one way of receiving feedback. PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) has touched on some of the larger problems he’s had with commenters in the past, such as in this video:

He explained his current predicament as a primarily functional problem. While that touches on some of the concerns he’s had about mean-spirited comments, therefore, it’s not the same issue. He hosts and operates one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, after all. Having more than 30 million subscribers leaves him with a lot of spam and other unwanted material to sift through every single day. As he explains in the video up top, he returned from a personal vacation to find that almost all of the welcome feedback he usually looks forward to seeing was buried underneath piles of spam accounts, self-promotional ones, or just good old fashioned trolls. YouTube, meanwhile, hasn’t put any meaningful changes into effect that would make his job any easier.

“I just want to connect with you bros,” he says in the video, which went live last Friday. “That’s all I care about. If you bros aren’t with me, what’s the point, really?” He likes to call his fans “bros” a lot.

To start, Kjellberg is trying to encourage his loyal fans to migrate from YouTube’s comments section to another arena that would be better suited for a fruitful discussion. At the end of the video he posted last week, PewDiePie suggests Reddit and Twitter (using special hashtags) as two other options. But he also doesn’t want to sound like he’s figured everything out yet, as he on Twitter two days after announcing he was jettisoning YouTube comments for good:

PewDiePie has touched on his frustrations with YouTube’s commenting system before, but this is the first time he’s insisted that the change is permanent. After making the shift at the end of last week, he briefly toyed with the idea of allowing fans to comment if they donate to charity. Soon after making that suggestion, however, he concluded that it’s “probably too complicated to actually work.”


  • TotalBiscuit disabled comments on his videos months ago for similar reasons. YouTube doesn’t give enough tools to channel owners to properly deal with comments.

    • I thought the comments were allowed for him to see but for no-one else to see. So People can speak directly to him,, but not shit talk amongst each other.

      • Media tends to say so…

        “This happened” look who tweeted about it! 3 line articles padded with morons opinions who are apparently more newsworthy than anyone elses….

  • It doesn’t matter what video it is really, every-time i scroll down and feel like having a say it’s just a fuckfest of morons, wasted effort really. I have comments disabled now..

  • 30 mill subs, but is this guy actually worth watching? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy good game commentary and some ‘let’s play’, but all his bros and brofisting strikes me as being more suitable for a younger, more COD demographic.

    • I, personally, think he’s a bit of a wanker. Like, if he were a woman, it’d be all, “fake gamer girl!” and nonsense. I just don’t enjoy his banter, I guess.

      But disabling comments is a good move.

      • Agreed re. his personal decision to disable comments. Good for him. The spam from so many people would drive me insane.

        A wanker? Yes. But a very wealthy wanker. Earns millions a year from playing games and talking about them – genius!

        • He is a big target considering his popularity.
          I personally hate his approach to “let’s plays” videos because he either seems to either over play his reactions or fakes them completely for “zomg moments”.

      • I assume that “wanker” act is basically just his “online” persona on Youtube. (ie. like Francis)

        And hey it works. It may not appeal to you (and certainly not to me.. wasn’t a big fan of PDP) but that character isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either

    • I believe that is actually his demographic. Some obviously mixed ages. But mostly kids through teens. He is not funny, but I respect that he got that many fucking subs.

  • I’m glad that someone with this much public exposure is getting behind the Anti-hate campaign. A momentous step in the right direction.

    • Fuck you and your SJW “campaign”. People can say whatever they want online and theres nothing you can, or should, do about it.

  • The worst part is reading the comments on anything related to astronomy (I look at a lot of spacey videos). The stupidity of some of the conspiracy theorists out there astounds me. For example, did you know that Saturn is simultaneously an Illuminati base where they consort with lizard aliens, where satan mind controls us, an Illuminati/lizard alien mind control base, Earths original moon and satan himself.

  • I don’t enjoy any of his videos, he is generally not funny at all and it really just appeals to little squeakers. But i would never go to his Chanel to spout hateful comments. No one deserves that. If it doesn’t affect my life why would i go somewhere i know i wont enjoy myself just to try and make someone else feel like crap.

  • Youtube comments are possible the worst form of forum in the world.
    Ever time I scroll through them it’s full of shit, first top 2 comments are usually some kind of like bait “like this is john brought you here”

    Then the rest of the comments are usually from people arguing over how the youtuber pronounced something or even something completely unrelated, usually religion for god knows why.

    It really is a cesspool

    Nothing of value will be lost if they were disabled lol.

    As for Pew de pew, I can’t stand him – though at the same time I don’t see the point of watching someone play games while trying to be funny. I only ever watch ‘lets play’ when it’s a game that I’m interested in buying.

        • Although, there is one really nice stream I found a few months back, a quadriplegic playing Diablo 3. It’s full of encouragement and people donating to his trip to Blizzcon.

          Also, Saltybet is a fun stream where you bet on random MUGEN fights. The chat is pure hilarious nonsense, but it’s at least not very offensive.

  • Kotaku AU is the pretty much the only place i comment anymore. While I may not agree with 100% of what everyone says, at least there is some familiarity with the many regular users around and there seems to be a good amount of respect amongst us, with disagreements rarely if ever, escalating to unreasonable flame wars.

    Too many ppl with their opinions on youtube lol. Kotaku AU is a nice little fam :))

    • Yeah that’s true. So much verbal diarrhea and spam on youtube. It’s actually really hard to have a discussion without a bunch of spam or retards/trolls filling up the comment section. I don’t see how youtube can have a system in place that detects copyright video and not a bunch of spam comments too, I guess that doesn’t matter to them. I believe it’s also the age and maturity of commenters that is the factor on the amount of shitposts, I used to get a kick out of shit talking on youtube when I was in my teens… It was no where near as bad then as it is now on youtube.

  • Yup. Not one good comment in here. You all think you know him or something. Everybody is entitled to there own opinion, thats fine. But why do even leave comments or enter the articles if you dont like him. I get that some of the stuff he says is pretty messed up, but the way everything is put together, editing production, blah blah blah is the reason I watch it.

  • Haven’t seen more than 4 or 5 of his videos. The one for Surgeon Simulator made me genuinely belly laugh when he yells ‘Tomahawk Chop!’ really loud and smashed the blokes head in.

    • He gets a lot of hate for the character he plays on youtube. He is actually a fairly decent guy from most of reports from other youtubers that do streams/events with him. Some of his videos aren’t brilliant, but I enjoyed his play through of TLOU (and left behind) and Dark Souls.

      • He gets a lot of hate because he used to make a lot of jokes about rape and is partially responsible for perpetuating the scum culture that it’s popular for everyone to be pulling away from now.

  • I know it sounds outdated but pewdie could just make a forum, with the income he would be getting from monetized videos he certainly could afford to host his own, otherwise there would be a tonne of free sites to choose from. But his own board software would allow him to set custom restrictions and YouTube embedding is so simple that it would not be a hassle for him.

    • unfortunately forums are not effective anymore in generating revenue as much as what his youtube channel generates.

      • He’s not making money off comments but yeah I did say it was old fashioned. But it would be a way he could reach out to his community still, plus the embedded video views are still monetized so it could still work, just not quite as profitable as before

  • I think its a great idea. While I cant stand his video’s my 12 year old is an avid fan (as are the children of many of my friends) and having them not reading the crap that gets spouted in the comments is always a good thing.

    Before I get comments about how I should better control what she sees, I only have my children every second weekend and her mum doesnt really seem to care what she sees or reads on the net. So there is only so much I can do.

  • Did enjoy his LetsPlay for The Forest. May have watched it all in one sitting. Definitely got to bed a lot later than intended.

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