'I Just Quit My Job While Taking A Shit. It's Great.'


    Briefly? This story is barely an atom long

    great, all we have to look forward to from the Yanks are Sims 4 'articles' about what they've done in game today in their already impressively small vocabulary. Isn't this what Twitter or Twatter or whatever it's called is for?

    really can't believe they get paid for this

      Last I checked their twitter posts were better than their briefly articles.

    My god, this is a fucking disgrace...

      I concur. My other comment on this doesn't appear to have been approved. Kotaku.com.cn LOL!

    I knew by the article's title that it would be terrible and yet I couldn't help but have look. And here I am. Sigh

    Last edited 09/09/14 8:25 am

    imo they need to put Briefly in the headline so i dont go to this clickbait shit.

    As a fellow Yannick, I am utterly disgusted with the poor quality of this article. You bring shame to the name Yannick with this post.
    I shall be organizing a forum of Yannicks to discuss stripping you of the name!

    You shall hereafter be known as "TheManFormerlyKnownAsYannickUntilItWasStrippedFromHimForShittyPosts!"

    'I Just Quit My Job While Taking A Shit.'
    We can only hope, author. Shameful.

    Hmm, Yannick generally posts very written articles so this is rare on his part.

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