I Need A Dog Video Game That Looks Like This...

Watch this video. I swear to God it will be the best 35 seconds of your life on this day.

It's shot with the Go Pro Hero 3+ and it's the closest you will ever come to 'being' a dog, to having that agility and speed, without actually becoming a dog.

Seriously. I need a video game that replicates this motion. I want to be able to control this motion. I want to chase after things. I want to dive into the ocean. I want to just run around like a goddamn dog all day and forget all my worries.

Video game developers. We need to make this happen.


    That dog knows what it means to be alive.

      I like how zero fucks were given by the dog when he ran through all the people at the beach. To be a dog!!!

    Saw this this morning on a downhill MTB page on Facebook.

    Many comments about good lines through the rock garden. :)

    This "dog" knows this track to the beach extremely well by going full pelt to the water.
    I think the strap on action camera does somewhat exaggerate the speed in which the dog is travelling.Nevertheless,it's fun to watch :).

    From a rally drivers perspective -


    I never new i needed a dog third person game until now, thanks Mark.

    Wife and I just lost our dog after eleven years, this put a big smile on our faces.

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    Everyone is forgetting about A Dog's Life on PS2...


    Does it capture the exact same feeling? Nah, but it is the best Dog game available, well one of the only Dog games available, I quite enjoyed it.

    This video actually made me tear up a little. It's so happy and free. Why can't we all be like that.

    Well that was a treat to watch on a Friday afternoon!

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