I Wish Skyrim Had Face Tech Like This Sports Game

I Wish Skyrim Had Face Tech Like This Sports Game

Or any kind of game with character creation, for that matter. At a basic level, this kind of tech has been around for years, most notably with EA’s Game Face. But that service makes you take regular photos, upload them on a browser and tweak the settings there.

This new tech that 2K is using for NBA2K15 is a lot simpler to use, and while I’m not sold on the results as seen in this clip, I love not just the ease of use, but the way they have put facial modifiers on the display itself, not just as some abstract sliders.

Also: listen to this first trailer again, and pretend it’s Harold Ramis/Egon Spengler. It’s the same voice.

And because this facial tech isn’t a terribly exciting sell to the common gamer, here’s a trailer that explains almost nothing about it, but is about beards, and is very entertaining. So why’d it get made? Because sports game marketing.


  • Not really in to basketball, but if they use this tech in WWE 2K15 then I’ll be super stoked!

  • I spent probably 30 minutes getting the perfect face during Skyrim’s intro,

    I played the game in 1st person, so I never got to see face again.

    Worth it.

  • too bad nobody owns a playstation camera with their ps4. depending on how well this works in reality i may actually get one

    • I do as do most of the other friends with PS4s that I know.

      It’s quite handy, I use the voice commands a fair bit. Hopefully as more games take advantage of it it will become indispensable.

      The free AR games are OK for some casual fun as well, though once you’ve played them once or twice that’s enough.

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