If Top Gear Reviewed High-Performance Starships

If Top Gear Reviewed High-Performance Starships

It stands to reason that if the world of Chris Roberts' ambitious crowd-funded space sim Star Citizen has television commercials for new starships, it would likely have its own space-themed version of Top Gear as well. Here's what that looks like.

Accompanying the beefy 0.9 update to Star Citizen's Arena Commander mode, this episode of "Galaxy Gear" takes a look at the Origin M50, a top-of-the-line speedster perfect for use in the game's new racing mode. The M50 is now available for purchase at the game's website for something like $US100, which seems pretty insane.

As much a fan of the game's persistent universe space sim concept as I am (I've still never played it, dammit), I think I love the idea of a commercialized space-faring society even more. None of this "we'll have to get past traditional economics in order to reach for the stars" nonsense. You want to play in space, stop on by the Origin dealership and see if you qualify for financing.


    Played some Co op Vanduul Swarm last night before they took the private servers offline... SO.DAMN.GOOD!

    Tonight on space top gear, we test out the latest in space racing vehicles on our racing track: rainbow road & we let 4 infamous mercs from a wacky tornament race our track in our reasonably priced starship *all done in a jeremy clarkson impersonation*

    This is a starship, but not just any starship, because this starship is the best starship... In the world!

    Puts me more in mind of 5th Gear, than Top Gear.

    That was incredibly well done. But US$100? Are they fucking insane?

      I backed the game on kickstarter, but never realised that each ship was just so much. Thats the entire cost of a brand new released game for a single in game item, which is ludicrous. I wonder if it will go up as well once the full release comes out.

        Unless they've just raised the price while the game is still in beta? If they drop the price after release I suppose I could understand...sort of like what happened with planetary annihilation - it was lowest price on release.

          $100 is the price if you want that ship "right now, gotta have it, can't wait" and want to support development - otherwise all ships will be available in game through normal play. The "game" itself is $40 (IIRC) and comes with an Aurora.

    Yeah, that looked cool, but it is a few hundred hours that could have been spent on, you know, getting the game finished.
    I fear they are burning their cash reserves like drunken sailors.

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