Insanely Long Metal Gear Solid 5 Trailers: English Edition

They might be long, but they're well worth watching if you have the time. It's been too long since we've had a fully fledged Metal Gear Solid title, and these trailers have me at fever pitch.

The above gameplay demo in particular is spectacular. It reminds me that the true strength of Metal Gear Solid is its ability to let you perform. To develop skills and perform them delicately in the various unique situations that the enemy AI presents to the player. That's Metal Gear Solid to me, that's why it's endlessly replayable. I've lost track of the amount of time I've replayed these games just to prod at the game's various different systems. There is just so much detail packed in Metal Gear Solid games, and I think the people who play through the games once and move on — they miss out on all that. They miss out on the chance to unpack everything that Metal Gear Solid has to provide.

And the demo has climbing. I love climbing in video games. I love it when it's as detailed and well put together as it seems to be in Metal Gear Solid 5.

I have a theory: odd numbered Metal Gear Solid games are the best ones, the lean ones. The even numbered ones are the self-indulgent ones full of weird fan-service.

Come on Metal Gear Solid 5. Be good. Please be good. I need this.


    First vid is private.

      It sure is!

      1 - Copy the youtube url -

      2 - Go here -

      3 - Paste the youtube url into the box, configure the details how you wish, download the video.

    "The even numbered ones are the self-indulgent ones full of weird fan-service."

    Caption placed above screenshot featuring a trained wolf that wears an eyepatch.

    Finally, some substantive dialogue from Kiefer!

      By the time the game comes out we'll all have forgotten about ol' whatshisface.

        Which will make it that more awesome when he cameos as Solid at the end! #aGirlCanDream

    I dont think I can handle the stress seeing DeeDee die :c

    Hearing that little snippet of song when you pass the time just cracks me up every time.


    This game is looking super good. But I just can't look at Quiet without getting really annoyed about her outfit. It's just plain embarrassing.

      Yeah, I mean it'd be fine if it was equal opportunity objectification, like say; if you spent the entire franchise with Snake's butt in the shot while he's wearing a vacuum sealed body suit. Or you spent entire sequences playing as a completely naked Raiden as he cartwheels down the hallways.

      But yeah, this is just so out of context compared to the tone of the franchise...

      Last edited 28/09/14 5:23 pm

    I cant wait! Looks amazingly brilliant. Keifers voice still doesnt sound right to me, there is something that is off, but i hope it will be better when the game comes out. Now all i need is a release date.

    I agree the games are very replayable. Im currently playing them all again on the legendary edition all the games in one pack. I have replayed them all so many times i have lost count. Love the MGS series.

    Last edited 26/09/14 4:38 pm

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