Interesting Stealth Game Is... Sneaking Up On Us

Interesting Stealth Game Is...Sneaking Up On Us

Have we really not written about Styx yet? I'm sorry. Styx: Master of Shadows is an upcoming stealth game that looks awesome. Like someone went hey, all those things you like from different stealth games, we're going to throw them all together in one stealth game and just let you have at it.

I mean, here is some nice and floaty platforming:

Here's a clone you can use you distract enemies:

And here's 15 minutes of the little guy doing a bit of everything.

Also: you play as a goblin.

Styx is out next month on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


    So is this game Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Goblin Edition?

    But seriously this did sneak up on us, I had never heard of it until it was on steams Featured list.

    Hmmm, as long as it's more like Dishonored and less like the new Thief, I'll be happy.

      Wait, wasn't NuThief more like Dishonored than NuThief?

        On the surface they do seem pretty similar, but spending time in both of them shows up the differences in horrifying clarity. I found NuThief to be bland, boring, and horribly restrictive. The original Thief games were fairly open - you could climb where you wanted to climb, jump where you wanted to jump, throw oil flasks and blow them up if you so desired. In NuThief they took all that away with all actions being context-sensitive. You want to climb this? Oh, sorry, you can only climb at this one specific point over there.

        Dishonored at least had some relative freedom in its gameplay, and the stealth mechanics in it (even though it wasn't explicitly designed as a stealth game) seemed cleaner.

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