Last Chance To Buy Awesome Games In The Humble Bundle Sale

The Humble Bundle End of Summer sale was almost Steam-like in its majesty and, much like the Steam Sales of yore, there is a last gasp encore. One last chance to go broke buying a bunch of video games.

Video games like Monaco, which is a ridiculous $1.49, or FTL which is $3.33. Antichamber is super cheap as well at $2.99.

In addition to the indies there are also a fair few AAAs in the mix as well, like Batman: Arkham Origins for $9.99, Metro: Last Light at $13.32.

A lot of good stuff in there.


    Grabbed The Wolf Among Us last night for $10. I've been waiting for it to go on sale and it never seems to be better than 33% off which, while excellent, doesn't quite get my spending fingers itching.

    I remember Bastion was 99c before the steam summer sale even started.

    Anyone else have issues with the Lego Marvel game? its just very very messy.
    Lots of clutter and way too many broken lego pieces all over the screen at once.

    Still fun, but yeah just messy looking.

    As I'm a bit lazy, is there a link I can use to get there quickly?

      If you were truly as lazy as you claim, you would have just googled it yourself it took more effort to type that comment.

    I got the games I wanted. Nothing here i want to try.

    Last edited 24/09/14 12:13 pm

    Anno 2070 for $15? Rocksmith 2014 for $12? EU-IV for $8? How to lose entire months of your life to games, for the low low price of $35... I already own them, but so tempted to buy another copy to share...

    Nidhogg for $4.99!
    I just bought it for my brother. Bought it for myself last week.
    That game is amazing if you have 2 controllers for local multiplayer. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    The unspoken Kotaku AU rule.
    1. Whenever there is a humble bundle sale, Mark does not link.

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