Mario, Link, Pikachu And Bowser Just Got A Hipster Makeover

And hipster Bowser might be the best thing you see today.

I mean seriously — how are you supposed to be intimidated by Bowser in that get-up?

It's all been done to promote 'Kawaii Kisekae Plates' — a new series of plates to customise your New 3DS. For some ungodly reason they've decided to give all the major Nintendo characters a weird makeover to promote it.

Witness: hipster Bowser, wearing thick-rimmed glasses. Hipster Mario, sporting some polka dot shorts. Hipster Link, dressed like a goddamn circus ring master. Pikachu mixing up a crown with some stripey M.C. Hammer pants.


I have no idea what to do with this visual information. No idea how to parse it. It is the strangest thing I think I have ever seen.

Yep. This is certainly something.

Thanks to the one and only Vooks for alerting us to this!


    Bowser didnt really remind me of a hipster, but moreso like a japanese variety show host.
    Also, is kirby a boy or a girl?

      Also, is kirby a boy or a girl?

      If you watch the video, Kirby uses his inhale on whoever the human is in the video, taking her hair and outfit.

        If you would like to know who this person is, it's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. A J-Pop star who is maybe most noticeable for her song PonPonPon.

        Last edited 29/09/14 7:44 pm

    Mario is dressed like Ness, but with a fancy jacket. No Mother 3 over here yet...

      No Mother 3
      Half Life 3
      GABEN confirmed for SMASH 4!


    Link would not look out of place hosting a Mario Party game.

    Come to think of it have we ever seen Flannel Shirt Serrels and Hipster Mario in the same room?

    it's funny they decided to go with Irish Leprechaun Link. it really suits him hahaha

    Kawaii suit samus is EMBARRASSING, I mean that pattern doesn't match the suit, I mean on tumblr, there are already embarrasment memes for her. I mean that colour scheme should of been black & pink or a much better pattern, but not that scheme

      still less degrading than other m

    Isn't there something missing from being mentioned in this article especially with this being kotaku? *cough Kyary Pamyu Pamyu cough*

    I love how Samus is the only character who looks pretty much unchanged from the weird costume confetti rain. Everyone else gets new and bizarre outfits, while her shoulder pads just get recoloured.

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