Metal Gear Solid V Gets New TGS Trailer

Metal Gear Solid V Gets New TGS Trailer

Here’s a new, long, cinematic trailer (well, one of the game’s cutscenes) for Metal Gear Solid V. The quality of this vid isn’t the greatest, captured as it is off a livestream of a Tokyo Game Show stage event, but it gets the job done.

Well, visually at least. We’ll swap in an English-language version when/if Konami makes one available.

Until then, know that the very last line in the clip is “But not yet, she won’t die now. Because when she does, I’ll be the one that kills her.”


  • Is it me, or does it seem more like she isn’t decloaking but rather her body is still rendering in?

    • When she cloaks and decloaks it does so from the inside of her body out – if you pause it you can see her bones and muscles appear before her skin and clothing. Looks fantastic.

  • Was the girl wearing see through tights/stocking type things? Don’t wanna make an issue out of it, it’s ridiculous but I’ll always love MGS

  • Can I just say… I find Kojima to be misogynistic and pretentious. I only play Metal Gear Solid for gameplay and AI. I ignore story and character because:
    a) I don’t play games for a plot that is how many years old?
    b) I don’t care for sexy baddies with horrific histories that are supposed to explain their sordidness
    c) and between the jargon/cliche-based dialogue and eye-rolling voice work, I can barely bring myself to listen at all.
    Please tell me why I’m wrong. I’d love to enjoy it more.

      • Everyone has a gravelly voice. And if they don’t, its some other stereotype.
        It reminds me of English voice work in old anime, unrealistic.

    • Yes there’s a fair bit of fan service going on but IMO Kojima writes some pretty solid female characters. Let’s wait until we get some context before we get out the pitchforks, shall we?

    • You should be complaining about this, you’re the one being dished up substandard story crap. What reason is there to have her half naked? It adds nothing and is a distraction from any real character or decent story. Look past the boobs and the project runway walk.

  • Before watching this, i watched the guilty gear xrd trailer, both were wicked in terms of the new female characters & the feeling that they may have a connection to someone the protaginist once knew

  • *Updates list*
    Game chicks i would like to bang:
    Christie Monteiro
    Lara Croft
    Crimson Viper
    MGS chick

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