Microsoft Discusses Its Purchase Of Minecraft

Or more specifically Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, discusses the Minecraft purchase. And what strikes me most about this short discussion is how committed Microsoft is to maintaining the Minecraft community across all platforms with Spencer even going as far to mention the PlayStation by name.

Because the thought running through most people's minds after the acquisition was that Microsoft might want to make the game exclusive to its own platforms. In practice, however, I think even Microsoft must be aware that there's massive amounts of money to be made by maintaining Minecraft's community wherever it can be found — including rival platforms. If people on the PlayStation or Android are paying Microsoft money for that product, that can only be a good thing.

On the whole Microsoft's attitude regarding Minecraft seems sensible. Very little has to change here. The Minecraft honey pot is there's to screw up, and in the beginning at least I think Microsoft understands that less is more. It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft evolves Minecraft in the coming years, but my guess is it'll try and stay as invisible as possible in fear of damaging the Minecraft brand. Time will tell.


    The move still seems crazy to me, but it seems less crazy than if they'd go with the typical fan reaction of gimping all non-Microsoft platforms. Just the idea that Microsoft could do that is enough to drop the value. I'd be surprised if they went and made exclusive DLC or timed exclusivity for Microsoft platforms. I mean I know they want to but after they sank the XBOX One they've got to be at least a little scared of doing the same thing with Minecraft.

      As far as I know, there's already a bunch of XBox 360 exclusive DLC in the form of skins. It wouldn't surprise me if they started creating dedicated servers and things with XBox only game modes set up on them as well.

        The console versions are already like that. Each platform is limited to itself, Xbox can only play on Xbox games/servers, PS3 can only play on PS3 games/servers, and neither can play on Java-based servers.

        Yeah but that was before they had to worry about being held directly accountable for the backlash. Minecraft is an absolute titan but they've done this dance enough to know that simply buying Mojang is enough to put Minecraft in a super fragile position. No matter what they do there's going to be a clear Notch era vs Microsoft era divide.
        Phil Spencer has his current job and is up there talking purely because Microsoft know people don't like or trust them. They have billion dollar plans for Minecraft. No matter what they've got planned it has to be bigger picture than running it into the ground with some exclusive DLC, forcing people onto their platform or nickle and diming some players.
        Personally I don't believe their stupid enough to think Minecraft 2 will work, but who knows? They've pulled some stupid moves in the past.

      sank the XboxOne? there marketing was apauling but honestly they hands down have the superior console

      the ps4 doesn't even play 3d blu rays yet? or Do anything remotely useful with it's USB Ports...
      and uhhh don't get me started on Sony advertising a console for gamers... despite not having any actual games

      Minecraft. Is in great hands
      look at how big Halo turned out.

        Glad to say you're in the minority here. The X Bone is a woefully inferior console as far as CONSOLES go, but good luck with the non-gaming things you mentioned - playing 3d movies and doing interesting things with USB ports - way to go on those, X Bone. 3d movies give me a headache and what the fuck do you need to do with the USB ports on a console? Give me a break. Get back to Halo, it misses you.

      They have said they are going to make their money back in 12 months.... Any investment you can makes your money back in twelve months on sounds pretty good to me... (unless the quote is the internet lying to me... it would never do that, would it??)

        Make it back in GAAP terms, that is:

          See, that will teach me (again) for not actually checking my dubious facts.... thanks mate. Accountants..... When do we get an FPS we can shoot at them in??

    My guess - this purchase was entirely based around the rights to develop and publish Minecraft 2. they will leave current Minecraft mostly untouched. Then when the sequel comes out, on whatever platforms - moneys oh the moneys!

    Could be wrong I know nothing about business.

      That was my expectation as well. They could very easily leave the original Minecraft as is on existing platforms, and then sink their money into a Microsoft exclusive Minecraft 2 with much higher production values.

    "The Minecraft honey pot is there's to screw up"

    C'mon Serrels' this isn't Facebook.

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    Does anyone know how Project Spark is going? Part of me feels like this is an admission that it fell through so they just bought Minecraft because it already had market penetration in the areas of education and coding.

      Spark is still slated for a late 2014 full release, and it's going relatively well...

    So when are we getting a Steam release?

      When they move it off Java.... maybe.

        That's not necessary. Steam can already handle virtual environments, like Dosbox. Installing and using the JRE isn't substantially different.

      I thought it was never on steam because it was successful enough to not have to give valve a 30% cut. Why would Microsoft suddenly release it there now? Surely everyone who wanted to play Minecraft has done so. Even the people who will only play a game on steam aren't going to come out in masses to buy this thing if its on steam.

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        I don't necessarily agree with you on your last sentence basically because I am one of those people. A 2nd purchase on Steam for me would probably get me back into it and I know a couple of my friends would do the same. I believe Microsoft could make a significant amount of coin with a Steam release.

      Why give money to valve when the current distribution platform has been so successful?

        They can double dip on sales, I would buy it again if it was available on steam and I'm sure there are others who would do the same.

      I expect they'll release it to the windows 8 App Store first, then maybe Steam

    I play Minecraft quite a bit (on a server called Lewna's World - it's great). I really love the game, but in many ways it's in need of some major work... I'm pretty much hoping for a Minecraft 2. We shall see!

    Also, heh, nazi time... "there’s to screw up" - should be "theirs" :P

    More importantly, that video still of Spencer is HILARIOUS

    So I suppose it will never be open sourced like Notch said when they were done with it.

    Well I was pronouncing 'Mojang" wrong the whole time....

    Ha! 1:35 "It'a not always true that the most effort goes into the biggest tits"

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