Minecraft In 4K Resolution Is Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous

Minecraft can be beautiful. We're all aware of that. It can be beautiful because of mods, beautiful because of the insane things people make but, for the most part, I think the most beautiful thing about Minecraft is its scale. When Minecraft is big, it's beautiful. This picture is exhibit A.

Look at the size of it. And this is just a shrunken down version I attached because our servers cannot handle the magnitude of the original.

Seriously, click on this link. Click on it.

Click on it and marvel. I've been scrolling around this image for the last 15 minutes and it's actually quite soothing!

Via Reddit


    Looks like a screenshot out of a Capy game.

      I read that as crappy, refuse to believe otherwise, and I agree. It does look like it's from a very crappy game.

    I wanna know what settings you need for that kind of world-gen.

      I would very much like to see that biome too

        So many people in Minecraft change the landscape to fit their build. it's gotta be the other way around for me. My best builds are always where I've built onto interesting terrain. And this looks like very interesting terrain.

          It's not an official biome so it must be a mod or man made

            I thought it might be the customisable world-gen that's coming in 1.8.

    Does nothing for me. Looks cheap, and tacky.
    There is a website that finds "beauty" in games, not 4k renders of lego.

    That remotely resembles a Lambda logo!!!
    Half - Li ... Oh, right, these aren't funny any more.
    Never mind.

    This just looks like a dynmap render set to full HD... or its a Blender render... So easy to do these days... I might even bother to learn how to... The server I host has realtime render views but I just haven't bothered to enable the HD versions yet... after seeing this... I might have to...

    Is this really minecraft? I don't remember the water reflections and shadow details being that good. especially the draw distance, and the colour of the landscape. It looks like it was a map imported into 3DS max or something.

      There are mods that add stuff like that, also mods that capture screenshots of maps. You need a pretty sick machine to run them all though.

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