Watch People Play Minecraft For The First Time

Remember the first time you tried to step into Minecraft’s vast, Lego-like world? You probably found yourself wondering: “What are these pigs doing here?”, or “Why can’t I just shoot things?”, or “Uh… what am I supposed to be doing?”

A BuzzFeed demonstrates, you’re not alone. In the video above, several stock gamer-types (the curious first-person shooter fan, the person who’s so new to video games they’re still baffled by three-dimensional graphics, the seasoned Minecraft pro trying to steer them along, etc) take a swing at Microsoft’s latest acquisition. They all end up sounding pretty silly. But come on: we’ve all been there… right?

Some of my favourite responses:

“Is this like…some kind of secret garden?”

“It looks like Doom.”

“Why does it look like s**t?”

“I’m gonna get motion sick”

“I don’t know how to get back down”

“I play video games to…sort of have escape time. And then this is making me do work.”

“This is not logical.” “Yeah! It’s Minecraft.

“I went in with high hopes of building a large-sized square pizza, and I…did not build that thing.”

“It’s less fun than Call of Duty…but I definitely think its better for kids!”

I have to admit, “This game sorta looks like Doom” was the first thing that popped into my head when I originally booted up Minecraft too.


      • Agreed. I had never played until about 2 weeks ago when it was released on the PS4. I tried the demo, thought it had potential, then watched some videos online. I was sold, and now I’m addicted. My sheep had babies the other day yay!

  • I remember walking past my brothers room, seeing him playing it (intently mining through a pile of dirt) and said “what the f&*K are you playing?”. To which he replied “minecraft. It’s kinda shit.” yet he kept playing. Next day, he was still playing. Watched him kill a pig, then get killed by a zombie “this games’ shit, I’m gonna stop playing”, he says. (another lame zombie game).
    Next day, he’s still playing it and I’ve watched enough to actually want to play. Server setup, 6 friends all join.

    • “minecraft. It’s kinda shit.”

      This is exactly how i explained it, and then got stuck digging holes for like 3 weeks straight.
      Its one of those games that, is horrible but for some reason enjoyable.

      • I remember sitting there watching my bro play and asking him why he was still playing it if it was shit, but he didn’t know why. Then I remember saying I would never play that “shit” game, but somehow found myself sitting there watching him play for ages, then jumping online and buying a copy without hesitation.

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