Minecraft On Xbox One, Out This Friday, Has A Cool $US5 Upgrade Program

Minecraft On Xbox One, Out This Friday, Has A Cool $US5 Upgrade Program

First announced last year, Minecraft is making its way to the Xbox One this Friday. And because you've probably played it on at least one system before, Microsoft and Mojang have an interesting proposition.

It will be $US20 as a fresh download, but as a special offer anyone who already owns the Xbox 360 version of the game can get the Xbox One version for just $US5. Which is a thing plenty of people are going to do, since 360 content - a version that's sold over 12 million copies - can carry over and work on the Xbox One version.


    Guess that means no word on the PS4 version then?

      Rumors on Twitter that it may be out on ps4 even before Friday.

    Geez, what about those of us who brought it on PC way back when? Huh, Mojang? Where's our love? =P

      I know what you mean, I was part of the alpha program LOL kind of got my fill way back then.

    Man 360 worlds on Xbox one. Achievement Hunter are gonna fuckin love this. One less game they have to keep the 360 around for :)

    Any word on what version number this will be running?

    It looked like there was a LOT of cool stuff in the v1.8 “bountiful update” that there was a story about on here yesterday.

    If it’s not far off I’d be tempted to wait for this version to land before I start playing again.

    Its up in the store already......for $219.95 Ouch!

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