More Destiny Footage For Your Eyes And Ears

Destiny is one bloody week away and by this point we all know what the game is going to look like and (arguably) play like, but that doesn't stop me from getting a little excited every time we see new footage.

Brenna Hillier over at VG247 feels the same and has unearthed a few more trailers released in preparation for the Tokyo Game Show. These trailers are meant for the Japanese audience but Destiny's appeal is global baby! There are things shooting at each other underneath glorious looking skyboxes. This, dear friends, is what Destiny is all about.

Well, obviously it's about a helluva lot more things than that, but what I'm trying to say is that Destiny transcends language barriers. This time next week we could be playing Destiny. That is a cool thought. It's been a while since I've been so genuinely excited about a big 'AAA' release. Can't wait.

Increase your Destiny hype with two new trailers [VG247]





      Well it went gold a week ago so technically they could if they really loved you but obviously they don't. Sorry.

    Serrels has to cite me because I'm his guild leader.

    Prediction - this game is going to be just ok, nothing amazing. I said it...

      I'm going to predict an average rating of 70%. It didn't amaze me when I played the Alpha and Beta...

      That's pretty much what I thought after the open beta weekend. I enjoyed the game and intend to buy it, but it's just a bit of fun and nothing that blew me away. It'll be a pleasant game to kick back with friends until they piss me off and I decide to shoot through the story solo.

      Honestly it's not the best game bungie has ever made, I'm excited for it plently but I would love bungie to remake the myth series instead of blowing another 10yrs on their "borderlands with superior graphics"

    "Masterful game-making"
    - The Escapist

    Props to the translator for choosing to paraphrase. Although I can't help but feel the original article worded it so poorly purely to avoid the clichéd term "masterpiece".

    Do we know how long the campaign is yet? I'm really want it to be closer to 20 hours or more, rather than the usually 10 hours for modern day shooters

      Did you fall asleep for 7 hours while playing?

        Playing what?

          I was implying the 10 hour long modern shooter was only 3 because you fell asleep.

            Oh cool... totally agree!!!

    I'm going to be honest doesn't this kind of stuff ruin the wow factor for you guys ?

    I mean once i've seen enough to purchase a game (or Eb rent before i import) I prefer a black out of media. I don't want to see this cool moon level everyone is on about, I don't want to see mars before I actually get there.

    Even when I played the Beta I intentionally did as little as possible inside the first zone.

      Not me personally. I find it a very different experience when I'm actually the one in the game and can take my time to look around the sky and maps, etc. I watched the crap out of the GTA V trailers, but the first time I piloted a plane and turned to see the sun set over the horizon I was blown away!

    Still does not scream "PLAY ME!" when ever i watch footage of this.


    i wasnt impressed with putting a machine gun clip into someones head in borderlands, im sure not gonna be impressed doing it in this.

    let the downvotes begin

    *coughs slightly to the right*

    Please don't let this be another Watch_Dogs...Please let this be awesome

    Can I just sleep for a week and get it over a done with???

    The beta was a nice little taste. Can't wait to play this - haven't been this excited about a game in a while.

    So how will it look/play on PS3? Does anyone know?

      I played the BETA on PS3, and honestly it didn't look too bad. Yeah next gen looks better, and its not up to the graphic standard of some other PS3 games, but I stilled enjoyed it a heap and the graphics were not at all distracting, not once did i go "oh man, if only that *insert object here* looked better" not the ground, trees etc. If you havn't done much next gen gaming, or high end pc gaming, you will be fine :)

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