More Proof That Virtual Reality Has The Potential To Change Everything

In this case, the 'thing' is something as simple as a podcast.

Or a vidcast to be exact.

EleVR is a super cool high concept. It's basically a show that focuses on VR being shot in virtual reality video for people who have virtual reality headsets. That all sounds a little bit meta, but it amounts to this: you can watch their show as though you are literally sitting on a couch, watching smart people talk about VR. You can swivel your head as though you are in the centre of a room and take in everything.

The above review of the show does a brilliant job of explaining why it all works so well and why it's so profoundly innovative. Worth watching for a little glance into the future.


    I had no idea that VR Video was a thing....the possibilities of this is blowing my mind a little bit.

    That video is way cooler than the article makes it sound (no I'm not making a dig at you @markserrels that's just a super awkward concept to wrap your head around until you see it in action...)... VR Video how have i never heard or thought of that before... looks amazing. Mind is a little blown.

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    You would need to film @ 360 degrees (theres already cameras made to do this - the same can be done with a fish eye lens however.

    Theres an entire untapped era in cinema there.

    aka pass the ability to look around the video to the user, as opposed to having the view dictated to us

    I wonder if VR Video live streaming is possible.

    So the future is now? I've read William Gibson's Idoru and one of the most interesting technologies in there was a message board where people were in a room and talking to each other. It was quite awesome.

    Real Estate sites have been doing something like this for a year or so, where they use 3D scanners (basically a camera that sits in the middle of the room and creates a composite photo of everything) to scan each of the rooms and then allow you to "walk" around inside the house. It's pretty primitive though compared to capturing full video.

    Watching talking heads isn't really a great demonstration of why this idea has merit, they should have done something more practical like an activity that requires a lot of space and back and forth. That way, you can show that it removes the need for multiple cameras and quick cuts because you just need to look where the action is at.

    Ever since I started reading about Oculus Rift, my first thought was just imagine the posibilities in Movie/TV making. Imagine actually being in an episode of Game of Thrones! :)

    It doesn' stop there - I can see a huge marketing aspect to it as well. Online shopping becomes a much more immersive/interactive experiance. Probably the most un-tapped area for online shopping is the impulse buy - you just can't match that online as you can by actually being in a supermarket and seeing the items. VR Supermarkets would take care of that, without the crowds of people! :)

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    Sounds similar concept to like vr_cinema only more developed (since I last visited it anyways).

    Drop an mp4 into the folder (early development), put the headset on and run the app. Pick what seat in the cinema you want to sit in and watch the movie. On a really big screen I might add. ;)

    I thought about writing a "movie" where the player was the protagonist in first person. They could look around as they please within limitation. Like a choose your own story inside a game engine consisting of a scripted series of actions and reactions.

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