Naruto Characters, Gone Really Dark

Naruto Characters, Gone Really Dark
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If they weren’t dark enough already, Ukranian artist Olggah makes sure they are now, with her realistic Naruto drawings.

It’s definitely typical Naruto fan art. Here are a few of the characters below, all looking very serious:



Madara Uchiha (is that you, Gabriel Belmont?)




Naruto fan art by Olggah [DeviantART]


  • First thought before seeing images was: OK, so I don’t follow the anime but someone showed me this video with how the show has had a billion different intros over the last few years and something I noticed was that half the characters seem to have started having the whites of their eyes turn black and evil black shit come creeping out of their eyes to start making patterns on their faces and the title character appears to have recently become partially infused with infinity or some shit. That’s already Naruto characters gone dark. 😛

  • So here’s an honest question. I’m only a casual follower of Naruto, I’ve loved the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, and watched only a couple of the starting arcs of the anime. I mentioned to a someone that I bought some Naruto cosplay items recently (well, last year or so), and they said that Naruto is kinda considered lame and a joke in most anime circles. Is this true?

      • I think anime circles are considered lame and a joke in society. If normal adults decided to actually watch anime, they would likely find that Naruto had a great storyline at the end. The story about a boy making friends, and a rag tag team of misfit ninja is certainly boring, but the ending with Kayuga was fun. I couldn’t stomach the beginning, but found the ending pretty enjoyable. Over all, the more popular an anime is, the better it is….except in “anime circles” of course.

    • It’s a battle anime with a bit more story along the same lines as DBZ. I haven’t found anyone who considers it lame/joke though those people are probably the sort of people who think that PCvsMac is still an argument to be had.

    • Long story short- whatever you are into, there will always be someone who doesn’t approve, so spend your time enjoying things you like.

      Personally I got into Naruto when I was 16/17, and I really enjoy it. I stopped watching the anime in the past couple of years because of the fillers/ not enough time, but I still read the manga every week. I plan on watching the anime again soon though, sans fillers.

      Nearly every anime has a trope or tropes that not everyone will agree with and/or hate. If you like it, watch it!

    • Naruto Should have stopped stoped before going to shippuden, it get’s to the point where every scenario has a positive/impossible outcome.
      Like the character just pull bs move out of nowhere to counter attack the opposing characters bs move, this happens for the entirety of shippuden lol, no lie.
      I liked in the beginning of Naruto where battles were more strategic and technical almost genius in a sense.

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