Netherrealm Studios' Mortal Kombat X Releases Worldwide On April 14

Briefly: Goro has also been revealed as a pre-order exclusive character for the game, with the teaser shot above accompanying the press release. MKX is planned to hit Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC simultaneously.


    Preorder exclusive? Oh cmon...

    *toddles off to preorder while grumbling*

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      Plus the usual preorder deal at Dick Smith........

      Yep, I'm in.

    Playable goro, lest the fandom are rejoicing

      Kintaro is cooler :P lol. Goro is cool but Shiva sucked bigtime.

    Did you really have to put Netherrealm Studios' in the title?

      It's factually correct? It's them who are making it? What is the issue?

      Last edited 06/09/14 9:27 am

        People like complaining about the US articles on the site. Complaining about them being too long is an interesting change.

          This is true. It only bugs me when they post a gif and leave it at that, but I've learnt to just move on. lol.

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    pre-order... pfft. bitch please, first as australians we have to wait to see if this bastard is censored. then we whinge. then we see which out of country place will get it to us. then we sook some more.

      Or you know, buy it in country because it won't be banned.

      Seriously it's like it must be brand new news to you guys that we got the R rating.

      Are you also aware Left 4 Dead 2 is uncensored in Australia now?

      Last edited 06/09/14 1:08 pm

        exactly right.
        unless you're able to take drugs to make them stronger, I think it should be okay.

      Gamers won. We have a classification for ultraviolet games now

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