New Assassin's Creed Spinoff Is A Sidescroller In 16th-Century China

New Assassin's Creed Spinoff Is A Sidescroller In 16th-Century China

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China won't be like Unity or Rogue, the big console titles that Ubisoft is delivering in the next few months. No, the new game will be a 2.5D sidescroller featuring Shao Jun, an Assassin trained by fan-favourite Ezio Auditore. And the game will only be available to people who've bought the Assassin's Creed Unity Season Pass. For now, anyway.

Revealed today on the official Ubi Blog, ACC:C resembles other sidescrollers that have spun off from the Assassin's Creed franchise in the past. The official description from Ubisoft:

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China- a new stand-alone Assassin's Creed experience delivering a new story, setting, and gameplay type. In this 2.5D reimagining of the celebrated franchise developed by Climax Studios, players will perform parkour on the Great Wall of China, kill from the shadows and take the leap of faith. For the first time ever, players will be transported to the Middle Kingdom in the 16th century, where the last remaining Assassin of the Chinese Brotherhood has returned to her homeland. Players will be immersed in a vibrant setting, inspired by traditional brush paintings and Chinese architecture from a pivotal, historic time period in one of the greatest civilizations in history. Hell-bent on revenge, Shao Jun will use the skills she learned under legendary Assassin Ezio Auditore to exact vengeance. Players will be able to rely on stealth to accomplish their mission, as well as Shao Jun's martial arts training and all-new Assassin gear.

Chronicles: China may be tethered to the Unity Season pass at the moment like Black Flag's Freedom Cry DLC was last year. But, as was the case with Freedom Cry, it seems entirely likely that Shao Jun's adventure might be sold on its own in the near future.


    Oooh, this interests me more than the core games!

      Me too this might be the first assassins creed game I own! Reminds me of classic prince of Persia

    You know, I really wish we could get a female protagonist in a main Assassin's Creed game, instead of them being relegated to side games and DLC.

    This actually seems pretty interesting. Shame that Unity itself doesn't.

    What systems will it be on? PS4 and xbone? Or Android and ios?

      You know, I googled around a bit and I can't find a single mention of that. I guess the assumption is that since its part of a DLC package it would be on whatever system you buy it?

    While it saddens me that Shao Jun's story is not portrayed in the standard 3D as to allow us free roam of China, I actually think (going by the video footage in the trailer) that this is the best thing that could be done for the franchise.
    It really gives off this vibe that crosses Prince of Persia with a bit of Mark of the Ninja, and I am all for it.

    I am glad they got rid of the china option with this cheap game. I am expecting a full title in Japan.

    can I maybe just... buy this instead of unity?

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