New Assassin’s Creed: Unity Video Shows Off Character Customisation

Video: A good, new five-minute Assassin’s Creed: Unity video shows how the November sequel’s new role-playing-game-like character customisation system works. It also helpfully shows how the game’s 2/3/4-player co-op works. Lots of gameplay footage!


  • Hmm interesting, looks more in-depth and thought out than I expected. I like how with the gear/armour and the skill tree’s you could build yourself into an arch-type almost. Ranged and mobile, tanky and melee focussed, stealthy and efficient.

  • OK, now I honestly get what Ubisoft meant by we have no choice for male or female in the co-op.
    One everyone is Arno on their own screen because two there actually is a megaton of customisation that you would have too much work doing animations for a different build of character in size and shape whether it be a different size males or a females.

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