New-Gen GTA V Dog Is Looking Good

New-Gen GTA V Dog Is Looking Good

Didn’t Grand Theft Auto V already look pretty good on Xbox 360 and PS3? Yes. But it appears to look better — as it should — in the latest trailer for the November-dated PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release. Our own Gergo Vas made some GIFs to compare.

The GIFs labelled “new” were pulled from the trailer, which Rockstar says is made from footage captured from a PlayStation 4.

New-Gen GTA V Dog Is Looking Good

(The old dog footage is via YouTube uploader GTA5Theatre — language NSFW)

The new-gen aliens are looking good, too.

New-Gen GTA V Dog Is Looking Good
New-Gen GTA V Dog Is Looking Good

(The old alien footage is via YouTube uploader Constipated Owl.)

If you’ve got comparisons of your own to share, please add them below.


  • Can’t wait to buy it again on pc for half price from a cd key supplier.

    They should really have a discount if you’ve already bought it on ps3/Xbox 360. They have enough money already.

    Looks pretty nice though 🙂

        • The game came out a long time ago now, the spoilers not being allowed period should be over. Also, wth, I finished this game and never came across aliens.

          • Perhaps.
            Maybe it’s more surprising I’d not heard of the aliens until now.
            I know there’s a UFO that you can see in certain places at certain times but golly, who knew?

          • It is in one of Michaels side mission story arcs. The one with the guy who is lobbying to legalise marijuana, and offers him some which makes Michael start tripping out. I believe this is in the conclusion of that arc, if I remember correctly.

            Also, do all the side missions! Some of the best characters and dialogue in that game are in the random side stuff! :p

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