Nintendo Is Sorry For Accidentally Banning Smash Bros. Players

Nintendo Is Sorry For Accidentally Banning Smash Bros. Players

Over the weekend, some Smash Bros. 3DS players complained of being banned temporarily from online play. They weren’t sure why.

In an official release, Nintendo announced today that there was a bug that allowed players using Peach to pull turnips in online play. The problem is that in “For Glory” online play, there are no items available, which gives Peach players an unfair advantage.

Some players have been using the cheat, while others were not — but both, according to 2ch, apparently resulted in a blanket temp ban. In today’s Nintendo press release, the company recognised that it has accidentally banned players that it mistakenly thought were cheating.

“We are truly sorry for any trouble this has caused players,” Nintendo said in an official statement.

Nintendo is readying an update to fix the bug, and it should be ready in about a week.

On popular game blogs like My Game News Flash, many commenters are calling what happened “incompetence” on Nintendo’s part.

『大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ for Nintendo 3DS』のインターネット対戦において [Nintendo]


  • Nintendo REALLY don’t understand online. If it’s a feature of the game, your players weren’t bloody cheating. Why would they ban everyone using peach “just incase they were cheating”? How about you fix the bug instead!

    • I don’t think someone actively sits there watching the matches banning people, as reported elsewhere it detected through the software that something not right is happening thus it gives out a auto-ban.
      Anyway this report is weirdly written because it’s not because of players using turnips, it’s the random chance of the move getting another item.

    • “Nintendo is readying an update to fix the bug, and it should be ready in about a week.”

      They are fixing the bug…

      • A week after banning players who weren’t doing anything wrong, because the game bugged out and gave them an item?

        • The game didn’t bug out though, it done what it was meant to. The problem is someone forgot to tell the game that Peach’s random chance at spawning something other than a turnip was ok.

          • I don’t understand why all these fanboys are defending Nintendo banning users for not doing anything wrong? The fact is Nintendo suck at online, hell I have 3-4 Nintendo accounts for my goddamn Wii-U, and in Mario Kart I can see characters that wont be available until November in my character select screen as advertising.

            I love Nintendo, but they really have zero understanding of online play.

          • I’m not defending Nintendo I’m telling you what happened as this article is not accurate, and as a person that primarily plays Peach ofcourse I’d be annoyed if this happened to me. But they’ve said it’s getting fixed so what’s the point of being angry?
            This has nothing to do with Nintendo’s online structure anyway.

  • Hahaha! You all ask for competitive play from Smash Bros. and now you’re complaining when they enforce it.

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