Nintendo Releases Its First Ever Australian Nintendo Direct

When it comes to Nintendo, it can often be difficult to get Australian specific release dates and pricing. Hopefully this will be a first step towards Australians getting local news sooner rather than later.

We're literally watching this at the same time as you. We'll update the story with all the news from this new, Australian specific Nintendo Direct.


    Woah, we the New 3DS this year when everyone else gets it next year? Madness.

    Definantly upgrading to the New 3DS XL, I got the original 3DS (Limited edition Zelda one) back in 2011 when they where released, and it still works fine for the most part (the R button is jammed, and it's got a lot of wear) I can't wait for this to come out.

    I held off in the end in getting the Smash Bros 3DS as I didnt want to use it only for a year or less before the new hardware comes out. Turns out it would have been less than 2 months :/
    Glad I held off.
    Feel sorry for anyone that got or is getting the current 3DS assuming the new ones wernt coming out for ages (which was everyones assumption) :/

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      Yeah this is me, I had a 3DS get stolen, then bought a new one a couple of months back. Got annoyed when the new one was announced so close to release but such is life I guess.

    Does anyone else think it's a bit rich to thank your 700,000 fans for purchasing a 3DS console, only to then immediately talk about another console that makes all of those purchases obsolete?

      Have you seen the hype around here? It seems a lot of people are happy to purchase this and pay Nintendo again.

      YES HOW DARE THEY IMPROVE UPON THEIR CONSOLE AND MAKE A NEWER VERSION WHICH MAKES IT BETTER. HEATHENS!!!! I own a 3DS XL and don't mind if they have upgraded. Do I have to go out and buy the new one? Nope. Will I need to at some point? Maybe. Do I really care that much? Nahhh.

    The new 3DS XL is RRP 249.95. Shout outs to Sony for there Vita slim revision which costs $269.

    Wait.. How are they able to sell them without chargers? Didn't they try that with the old XL and get in trouble with Australian trade laws?

      Slipped Abbot a tenner and he looked the other way

      I was thinking the same thing... im stoked about the whole 'australia getting it first' thing; but the lack of charger thing seems like a kinda dog move.

        Well, for anyone who already owns any kind of 3DS (or DSi?) it just shaves $15 off the price. Anyone who wants a new charger will end up paying what would have been full price if it were included. I can get down to that.

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      I am kinda surprised by that move.
      It seems odd to sell something that won't function without purchasing an accessory.
      I could understand if it came with a USB charging cable or something.
      Or perhaps just the charging cable, and you could buy the cradle as extra.

    I got mine at launch and I've been wanting to upgrade. This is perfect. However - what does this mean in regards to the Ambassador program?

      You can do a full system transfer between two consoles and you'll still have the games and your status, it's quite cute actually, you get to watch an army of Pikmin carry all your data to a rocket then they land on your new console and carry it to it's 'core' (same as wii to wiiu)

      Only drawback is you have to use the same SD card if you have anything on it, I'm still using my 3DS' 2GB card on my XL, so it might be an issue with upgrading to the MiniSD for the NewXL, I'm sure it can all be redownloaded, saved progress on those downloaded games though might be lost

    I cant buy one til my old one breaks :(

    Thinking though, until a game I "need" is announced, there's no reason to buy.

    Bit poo the XL is customisable. Oh well...

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