Nintendo Releasing GameStop-Only NES Version Of 3DS

Nintendo Releasing GameStop-Only NES Version Of 3DS (CORRECTION)

Straight from Nintendo's presentation at this week's GameStop conference, the company just showed off a NES-styled 3DS XL. Out October 10. Our tipster says it will be a GameStop exclusive. Update: Nintendo confirms.

And here's the inside:

Nintendo Releasing GameStop-Only NES Version Of 3DS (CORRECTION)

Nintendo is also releasing a purple Persona-themed 3DS XL as a GameStop exclusive. It will be bundled with Persona. Copies of the game Persona Q will be sold separately, Nintendo has now confirmed.

Nintendo Releasing GameStop-Only NES Version Of 3DS (CORRECTION)

As for the biggest remaining 2014 Nintendo mystery, the company still isn't saying when Smash Bros. for Wii U will be out. During the presentation, according to our tipster, a Nintendo rep said the date would be revealed this Friday during Nintendo's Smash Bros. streaming event.

CORRECTION: A Nintendo rep contacted Kotaku to say that their people at the presentation only promised general Smash info during Friday's livestream. We've checked with our source, who had mentioned the date detail but clarified that Nintendo promised that all our questions about Smash would be answered. In retrospect, it's clear the date comment was a speculative interpretation. I apologise for the error.

Original pic for this story below:

Nintendo Releasing GameStop-Only NES Version Of 3DS (CORRECTION)


    Hey look, it's a new 3DS.
    But not a New 3DS.

    ...Not going to confuse anyone at all there.

    Seems kind of half arse. It'd be better with the colours on the inside more closely matching the NES controller rather than just a picture of one on the case - I'd prefer that to me more styled the the NES console.

      Seconded. The NES-style GBA SP was a million times better than this.

    I really wanted that persona XL a while back... now there is a new XL model coming next year so I'll wait for that ;) Also that NES one looks poor. My first thought it looks like one of those console 'skins' you get for dollars elsewhere.

    Last edited 11/09/14 7:31 am

    I would get that Persona one as I have been wanting one for awhile but I don't feel like it's worth it anymore because of the New 3DS.

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