Nintendo, Why Must You Be So Cruel?

Nintendo, Why Must You Be So Cruel?

This is a plush Yoshi doll. It is very cute. Not just cute, it’s painfully adorable. This is the level of cuteness that makes me cringe with something that feels like genuine pain. So what’s the problem?

It’s being released for Club Nintendo Europe. That means I am going to have to go to incredible lengths to figure out how to cuddle with this Yoshi. I am determined to make that happen, though, which is the real part of this whole situation that drives me crazy. From Wii U Daily’s report

Meanwhile, the Club Nintendo in America still has yet to get any new merchandise this year. In fact, we haven’t seen anything noteworthy since the announcement of the Luigi’s Mansion statue that went on sale. Bummer.

Come on, Nintendo, don’t you think that there are SOME people in the U.S. who want a disgustingly cute Yoshi stuffed animal too?

Why are you doing this to me?!?!?!

via Wii U Daily


  • is this from the american site? or just a copy-paste job.

    whatever, i just ordered that yoshi from the australian club.

  • You can probably hit Nintendo World in New York to get a similar quality one… I do remember seeing one there while I was visiting from Australia. Didn’t have the apple but was still super-awesome..

    ..Ended up getting a Boo and Bowser instead… took up half my suitcase…

  • HA, you want to talk about cruel? The AU club Nintendo is pretty much always stocked with dull products compared to the US one, stationary, handkerchiefs, shoelaces etc. The only decent thing was the Game and Watch DS game and now that’s gone too.

    It’s good to see us finally get something good for a change, I’ll have to dig up some of my codes, I hate filling out that stupid survey every time though.

  • Anyone having trouble entering pin codes?

    I have scratched out two, one for NSMB U and the other for Wind Waker HD and have entered them in only to be told that the codes have expired and cannot be redeemed.

    The expiry for both codes is 30/05/2016 and 04/04/2017 and they were both scratchy codes so they could not be invalid.

    Anyone had any problems like this before?

  • I was about to order one, but then I did the sums: 2800 points is 12 full price games + surveys; I can buy a Yoshi toy (admittedly without the apple) for less than $20.

    I’d rather save the points in case something really unique shows up again. Like that sweet Luigi’s Mansion diorama I grabbed earlier in the year.

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