Nope Nope Nope NOPE NOPE NOPE (Or, F**k Sharks)

Nope Nope Nope NOPE NOPE NOPE (Or, F**k Sharks)

Long-time readers will know that I am terrified of sharks. Like, I can' even watch them on TV. I can't even fall in the water in Wind Waker without screaming. So the fact someone I know sent me this trailer should tell you just how much they hate me.

Depth: Blood and Gold is a shooter that lets you play as either a treasure-stealing human or a human-eating shark. Or at least, I'm pretty sure it does. I can't actually watch the whole thing.

It's out in November on Steam.


    i would play the SHIT outta this as a MP game :D

    Throwback to Jaws on PS2 (

      Amazing!! I shall have to get this and play it while watching Sharknado 2. ( )

    Hate... or love? I have a similar love interest that has a similar phobia to the extent where Ecco the Dolphin could not be finished back in the good old days.

    Yep, I passed on the vid. Love, I tell you.

    I love sharks! For true fear, try grizzly bears D: (As much as I love bears, they terrify me!)

    So this is Evolve - but under water and you're a shark :)

    I really like that you can play as the shark! He just tore that guy's arm right off at the start.

    @lukeplunkett why don't you like sharks? Like, I'm asking that seriously, not making fun if you have an actual phobia. I love them, but have a very healthy respect for them - when I hear about someone getting bitten or killed by a shark, I feel badly for the victim, but never blame the shark. I rarely go swimming in the ocean, and when I do, it's not very deep.

      It's weird. I'm not afraid of the dark, at all, but the idea of something coming unseen from beneath you while in the water...ungh, i get the shakes just typing it. I literally cannot play the underwater fight in the first Half-Life.

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