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I realise that some of the people reading right now may still be in high school but most of you? I suspect most of you have left. Let's talk about our high school experiences: good, bad, average? What did you enjoy about it, what did you hate about it?

For me high school was a real mixed bag. On the one hand I met some great people that I'm still friends with to this day. On the other hand, my high school was a bit rough and full of some legitimately insane human beings. In the first couple of years of high school I suffered from some fairly frequent bullying and that was a real shock for me. My primary school days were brilliant, but the first couple of years of high school? Pretty brutal.

But on the other hand, school was sometime rewarding. I was good at stuff. I was a pretty good student, got good grades. Good enough to leave high school a year early (Scotland has a slightly different system to Australia). I was also pretty good at track and field and won a fair amount of awards for that.

Actually, that reminds me of a pretty brutal story.

In my final year of school I managed to win the overall 'Sports Champion' award. You win this by consistently performing well in things like the 100m/200m/high jump/long jump. You were presented your award in front of the whole school. When I went up to collect my award the entire school booed me.

I played it off like I didn't care and started playing to the boos. But I can't lie — it stung!

What was your experience with high school like?


    2/10 would not bang....

    god damn i am so glad to be out of that hell hole.

    It was boring stuff i didn't need to know, there for i spent my time messing about with my mates or not in class.
    "You will never get a job" they said, i did, and it was the one that i wanted.

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    It was terrible, then I changed schools and it got better. Went to a school that was all about alpha male bullshit and if you weren't tough you would have a terrible time. Regularly bullied, had some drama forced on me. One ended up with suspension, another ended up with a stanley knife. Eventually had enough and when asked if I wanted to leave by the principal I said yes. Went to a new school. Problem is that it made me slack off because I always had trouble in school and now I had friends who wanted to hang out. While I still did my work I never put in the extra effort because I was more concerned about hanging out with people. Also adding to the fact that I was forced to live as a country kid for 20 years and my time to hang out was limited to high school hours.

    Funny thing is, I stopped hanging out with my friends. After high school my main friends had no aspirations and were content with slugging through a boring work week then moving on to drinking all weekend. They all started doing alpha male shit and I decided to stop hanging out with them. Only one friend actually went on to do something with his life and whenever he's back in town all my other friends pull him in and force him to have another high school drinking party.

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      I totally understand about the country town thing, and people having no ambition.

      Of my grade 10 class (which was as high as the town I grew up in went), there were 100 kids all together - only 28 of us went onto senior high school, and only 11 of us graduated year 12. And only myself, and another girl didn't have kids in our first year out of school at all :/

        Country kids operate in different ways. I was in a rural town for uni and the drop out rays and early pregnancy numbers were staggering.
        I think it's to do with the insular nature of small populations - you get exposed to less and therefore it's harder to think long-term. When the Woolies down the road is the biggest employer in town it's kind of hard to develop aspirations.

      I should of changed schools, I think I was petrified of changing schools and having no friends. I wasn't friends with any of my highschool friends within two years of finishing anyway, they weren't real friends.

    Highschool was pretty great for me, I never really understood why some people hated it so much. Even my other friends who I was there with. I don't think I've ever quite been into games like I was back then with that group, I remember taking in Metroid Prime the day it came out just to show it off, and carrying it around in my blazer pocket all day. In hindsight there was some bullying I guess but I mostly shrugged it off at the time. I avoided all sporting stuff and stuck with the music section, I always enjoyed that. Ended up near the top of the hierarchy there, somehow :P School musicals were always loads of fun, teaming up with the local girls' school for the production and ending up with a whole lot of time just stuffing around thanks to being in the band and out of the jurisdiction of the horrible music teacher that was in charge of everyone in the show. Best place to be.

    So yeah, was good. Would happily go back and do it all again :P

    My junior high (8-10) was horrible; small country town where everyone is related and outsiders are harshly judged. I spent a lot of time in the library, which I am very grateful for, really. Horrible girls doing a lot of bullying is my prevalent memory. Also getting in trouble a lot for not wearing my proper uniform and arguing about it (this did get me onto the debate team though, where I won every debate I took part in).

    Senior high (11-12) was a blur; I had a couple of really horrible boyfriends (it was the first time anyone had shown interest, so of course I said yes to going out with them, even though I knew they were gross), and I got really sick for about three months. But, I did meet my best girlfriend there, and made some friends I still see a couple times a year.

    Spent all my time in high school without a care in the world and hanging out with my mates.

    13 years later I'm cursing at it all as I'm trying to get pieces of paper to let me do a uni course while all those "mates" I sacrificed the past decade and a half of education and decent work for I haven't spoken to since. Teen me was an idiot.

      EVERYONE is an idiot as a teenager. EVERYONE. Even cool kids, haha.

        Heh. You sit there and hear a bunch of teenagers talk and you think there was no way we were ever that inane and idiotic. Then you really think about it and yes. Yes we were.

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      That sounds like me. Although they did keep me around as a friend for transportation :/

    It was alright by me. In the top classes and in the football & rugby teams. I moved away from my home city though to a village not too far away though and ended up commuting in by bus each day for an hour each way. As a result as I was in my last year and a half of high school (sic(secondary school)), I wasn't invited to much. Made me get by on my own, become a bit of a hermit, and gave me plenty of time to my PSOne and PS2 when it came out. No really bad memories though. We were lucky in that there weren't really any dickish groups of kids in our year and everyone got on with each other more or less

    8/10 they hired me right out of school as an IT Trainee, got my Cert IV and $18K burning a hole in my pocket over those 2 years and best of all it was a VET course I did so I got all of that during college school hours.

    Best time of my life.

    I hate who I was in high school. Caught lots of crap and got no respect, but I didn't deserve it. As high school experiences go, I guess mine weren't too traumatic, but they were such bland years, and I focused on all the wrong things, and got nothing but good grades out of those years.

    Not worth dwelling on any further.

    Moved around here (NZ) quite a bit growing up and a stint over in the UK so was the "new kid" quite a bit in school which was pretty tough trying to make new friends all the time but like most things there was good and bad times but people say school years are the best of your life the only way that would be true if id gone straight to jail after high school for the rest of my life.

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    Mediocre. Had a few friends, never really had any problems with others, but mostly flew under the radar. I essentially buried myself in books until after HSC. Upside was that, thanks to my mum's collection of uni textbooks, I got a two year headstart on year 11/12 math... How I got through year 12 as the only person doing 4-unit math without getting any flak for it is beyond me...

    0/10. It was awful. Primary school too.

    Younger, smaller, smarter, fatter, and uglier than all my classmates. I was bullied constantly, suffered severe depression because of it, and entertained suicidal tendencies.
    I was the only person I knew with any vested interest in computers and video gaming and felt very alone because of it.
    11 and 12 were ok. All the bullies left to go elsewhere/pick up trades, I caught up and then passed most people in height and strength, and actually began to enjoy it somewhat.
    Uni was amazing though. Finally found people who shared my interests, and made heaps of friends. Got over my depression and now am a very happy chappy.

      How good was Uni compared to High School. So very different!

        Soooo very much better!

          I met one of my best mates in the first week of Uni, turns out we lived only 1.5km away and had been bumping into each other for years. Those were the bestest years :D

          I envy you people with your pleasant university experiences.

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    I still have horrible nightmares about my high school experiences to this very day due to the years of bullying I got from year 7 to year 12, as well as getting major trust issues, no self esteem, permanent injuries on my left leg and overall depression which I never seemed to be able to truly break free from.

    So yeah I'd rate it a 0/10, would rather remove it from my brain entirely so I don't remember at all

      That sounds awful, here's hoping that those issues you have mentioned are sorted (barring the left leg).

    I didn't mind high school overall. It beats adulthood. I tended to get along with most people.

    However, there was a bully and his pose. He picked on me from year 1 to year 11 except for the year when I was in the junior school and he was in his first year of high school. As an adult I would have nightmares about the bullying but as time went on, I became the aggressor in the dreams and frustratingly, I would be stopped before I could hospitalize him in my dreams.

    I had a crush on my Legal Studies teacher. That's what happens when you go to a single-sex private school.

    This is going to expose my teenage naivety:
    I went to an expensive private school in Melbourne. I was surprised at how many openly racist jerks were around. (I said I was naive back then! I guess I assumed wealth bred out such traits).. even from friends. eg I walked up to a friend who was in the midst of some conversation at the exact point when he said "Well at least I'm not Asian".
    Then there was the bus trip back from an actual race track the "Motor Engineering" class, we were in front of a car with an Asian family and the racists were joking about shooting them.

    Going to university, I was amazed at how much racism was pushed under the radar. It was all over toilet cubicles but not spoken publicly. It kind of felt like the cockroaches had been forced into hiding... I can only really remember two racist incidents as an adult after uni. One of them was in Rooty Hill.

      Re: the Racism.
      I share a very similar background (expensive private school in Perth) and the racism was there and very much alive during school.
      At uni, the racism is indeed relegated to the toilet stalls. It's a connection i have never thought about. For some it was surely a fad or a method to maintain face but for others, it is a pervasive element of their beliefs and attitudes.

      I still have friends who crack racist jokes and it is starting to really hit me a lot deeper than before. I'm scared that the 'racist' label that the media tells us is attached to us as a nation may well be reality.

      I know it's off-topic but thank you for opening my eyes a little bit further :) Naivety levels are shrinking

    minus a billion out of 100. Hated it. Went to a smart person school when I was clearly a dummy. Met my ex who was from a competing school, who also ended up cheating on me for 7 years.

    On the plus side, the teachers were (mostly) nice to me, and it was in walking distance to home with a Maccas and KFC in between heehee

    Life after high school is awesome...

    My time at high school was pretty decent. Lots of time to spend with friends, not a lot of responsibility. It helped that my grade was pretty level-headed on average too (not a lot of bullying, etc).

    Having said that, there's no way I would do it again. Just because life after school is so much better :P

      There was no such thing as a pile of shame until after school ended though ;_;

    I went to a pretty rough school but managed to escape any of the bad bullying. I remember bringing and amplifier in once, sneaking through a window at lunchtime, pulling the wires out of a PA speaker and hooking it all up. We then played death metal through the whole school PA system and there was nothing they could do to stop it! We also figured out that you could use a spark-plug gap tool to break into the IT lab and play Counter-Strike 1.4 any time we liked, as we had pencil cases full of different notes saying we had to go and do computer related things. I also remember frequently making smoke bombs out of toilet roles, potassium nitrate and sugar. We set one off in a corridor once, that was scary but hilarious. Writing this out now makes me realise I actually had a fair bit of naughty but harmless fun.. I could easily go on!

    I enjoyed spending time with my mates but other than that everything seemed quite boring, add to it i was not mr popular which sucked.

    High school was all right, though I was the kid selling weed at the back of the oval and I only bothered to go to classes that interested me like history and outdoor education. I got expelled after their was a principle change. we went from one that thought while me and my mates were in school we weren't robbing petrol stations to one that wanted all of "our type" out of "his school". IF I had to I would do it again......

      sounds like the principle needed to relax...

    Grades 1 - 5 were great. 6 & 7 absolutely horrible. 8 - 10 okay. 11 was great. 12 mostly bad.

    Lots of douchebags in Darwin.

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    I only miss hanging with good mates. That's it. Now no one keeps in touch. I do think maybe that's a good thing. Overall I would not do again. I would chase up an apprenticeship or something.

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