Off Topic: What Do You Subscribe To?

What do you subscribe to? And by subscribe I don't just mean magazines, I'm talking about services? Foxtel, Netflix, Spotify, WWE Network, whatever. Does anyone here subscribe to any kind of service? Are you happy with it? Would you recommend it?

I don't subscribe to much. I have a paid Spotify subscription. I initially did that so I could stream music on my phone, which was awesome. But apparently you can do that on the free version now? So I'm wondering if it's still worth the money. I used to feel pretty good about paying money for the service, but from what I've heard Spotify royalties to artists are pretty pathetic.

I currently paid for a month of UFC's Fight Pass service. That was a big mistake. I paid to watch an event that advertised on the Australian website. It was only after I bought it that I was informed the event wasn't available in Australia. Pretty disgusting practice.

I'm also a subscriber to PlayStation +, which I think is great. Particularly since I've made a habit of using my Vita. I would thoroughly recommend PlayStation + just for the free games alone.

What do you guys and girls subscribe to?


    I've been a happy Hulu+ subscriber for almost 12 months :) great content at an even better price.

    EDIT: i skimmed the article thought it was just about TV... Other subs included below.

    World Of Warcraft
    Xbox Live Gold
    A few subs on twitch
    Mobile phone plan (I guess)

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    I guess my paying an ISP could be considered a subscription of sorts. Probably the closest I'd come to being subscribed to anything though.

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      ISP's putting themselves into this category, rather than just common carriers, is what is allowing the loophole in the whole net neutrality issue in the USA.

      I definitely don't want to class ISP's as anything more than a conduit of my data, not the provider of said data.

    Xbox Gold. That is it. I was on Strava for a bit but meh.

    NBA League Pass

    It's such a great system. Every sport should have something like this.

      I cancelled mine (because I'm stingy/broke) and now watch games at my brother in laws.

      Also Ps Plus but mostly for the free games I never end up playing.

    Unfortunately Xbox LIVE Gold >:

    Also my phone.
    and car insurance.
    I also subscribe to Adobe Premier Pro usage.

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      I cant bring myself to subscribe to Adobe. :( I really try to avoid subscriptions like this. Guess I am stuck on CS6 for the next 'x' amount of years.

        I just paid for a yearly subscription. I can use Premier Pro CC as much as I want until next year. Not a bad deal considering I'm not 100% on board for making silly internet videos just yet.

    Just finished a subscription to GDC-Vault (game developer talks) - but I doubt I'll resubscribe, very expensive ($495 per year) and there's already a good selection of free talks available.

    I was a 'Flipboard' subscriber and this is how I got to Kotaku :)

    I'm a Foxtel, Spotify and Xbox Live guy.

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    Game wise: WoW, XBL, PSN. No idea why I still pay for PSN or XBL, I never game on either of them anymore. WoW is by far my best value for money, for all the hours I put into it.
    On I sub to the Day9 and Athene channels. I don't get to watch them as much anymore, but I do like to support them still for all they do.

    Xbox Live Gold and PS+.

    Gonna start subscribing to the WWE Network when they start streaming Raw live. I got it for a month and that's about the only bad thing about it. Works out cheap for PPVs though.

      God, I remember my brothers all pooling their money to pay for PPVs when we were kids. I didn't kick in, so they'd lock me out of the rumpus room, hahah.

        Haha and rightfully so! I remember back in the old days of foxtel when you could hear the ppv channel but the video was scrambled if you hadn't paid for it.

        I'd just play games on the computer and listen to the TV. Was almost as fun as actually watching it.

    Apart from general household stuff such as phone / Interwebs I don't have any subscription services at all.
    Dont think i'v ever really subbed to anything before either

    Foxtel, Netflix, PS+, Rdio, Unblock-US and currently trialing different VPN services on a monthly basis to find the best suit for me.

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    Playstation Plus and that's about it. Definitely gotten my money's worth out of the PS3 free games over the last year, but with the PS4 games, unless you're needing it to play multiplayer like on Destiny the free games haven't been worth it yet (unless you love indie games)

    I'm considering Setanta as you can watch that online rather than having to have a Foxtel setup. I'm also thinking about a music streaming thingo but haven't found one that I absolutely must use. I'm also not sure about what's got the best library for metal and all its sub-genres.

    With the free version of Spotify though @markserrels you can only play radio or shuffle an album/artist/playlist which is infuriating beyond belief. The other day when I was looking up the different services as I wanted to listen to Americana by The Offspring. Spotify will make you shuffle the tracks out of order, Music Unlimited didn't have it and Play Music wanted credit card details before allowing you to use a 30 day free period. So yeah, so far none of them have endeared themselves to me. And yes I know there are others around, I haven't had the chance to try them out yet

      listen to it on your pc. no radio shuffling there on spotify. or you can add it to your favourites, so you dont have to listen to all the other crap.

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        yeah, I have it on my PC and it's fine there, but the mobile version kind of forces you to pay premium to get any functionality out of it. I'm not complaining about paying though, I will sign up for a service at some point, but don't know which one yet

    A patch of the month club

    Netflix is about all. I also sublet a Verizon Fios account for HBO Go and a few other channels does that count? Oh and of course there is Getflix


    Do phone plans count? They are kind of subscriptions I guess, so ...

    Telstra Mobile Plan

    Also Spotify free forces you to sit through ads between your songs which can get very irritating especially because they only play something like 2 different ads.

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    According to a whole load of e-mails I got the other month, I subscribe to Kotaku :P

    I haven't had a subscription since I let my Hyper one lapse back in 2010 or 2011 (though I hadn't actually read any of them since 2009). I was stacking up a new set of shelves the other month, made me kinda sad that I hadn't kept it up when filling that bottom shelf with all my gaming mags. Those were the days.

    Foxtel, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Xbox Gold, Spotify and OneDrive. Oh and Optus Mobile Phone and Telstra Cable Internet.

    Xbox Live, NBA League Pass, Spintel internet/home phone and Optus mobile plan.

    I'd recommend them all as good service providers to anyone who has an interest in those things.

    XBox Live
    Google Music
    NBA League Pass

    NBA League Pass. I highly recommend, I would start selling my stuff to pay for it if I could no longer afford it.

    Playstation Plus. I feel like it was better during the PS3 era when you'd get AAA games six months after they released, am sure that'll come eventually with PS4 though.

    Spotify. Also highly recommend, although occasionally there are some gaps in the selection which can be annoying.

    Also subscribe to the digital ipad version of Esquire magazine.

    Xbox live and foxtel. Foxtel is stupidly expensive but if I wanna watch the EPL I don't really have a choice. At least they have good EPL coverage with every match, viewers choice, extended highlights episodes and there's PressPass on ESPN as well. So I guess I'd recommend it?
    I was subscribed to GomTV for the GSL as well but I just don't have time to watch it.

    The main ones are Xbox Live, Game Informer and loot crate. Loot Crate's pretty cool, get a box of random geeky wares that all revolve around a theme for that month. If you want I can go through my email for all the newsletters and everything I'm subscribed to as well ... but that list is almost endless

      I was debating a Loot Crate (and similar) subscription a few months ago. Do you find that you're getting a build up of "plastic crap"? That was my main concern!

        Not so much plastic crap, but just junk in general. They tend to put a few dollar store items in that aren't really of use or fit the theme very well. The boxes themselves are normally pretty good ... probably not worth the almost $40 pricetag though. I'm trying out a nerdblock, which is the same basic premise. Monthly box of stuff for a lowish price. Nerdblock seems to focus more on a shirt and general goodies, whereas lootcrate would normally be a shirt or a funko figurine as their main item. There'll be stuff you don't use or particularly like, but the majority of the loot crates I've gotten have been fairly solid.

        I'd probably say give them a go if you see they have a theme that interests you and then you can just cancel the subscription afterwards

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