Okay, I'm Now Convinced On Mighty No.9

Why was I so indifferent about Mighty No. 9? I think it's I dismissed it as the perfect example of a crowd funding game relying on pure nostalgia instead of actually being interesting. I think I might have been wrong about that.

It was the above game footage, taken from PAX Prime, that changed my mind. I can't really explain why it changed my mind. It just looks really good. It looks crisp, clean. It looks well-designed. It looks like a video game submerged in the past, but with enough new ideas to elevate itself above the current trend of 16-bit inspired platformers.

I think it's because it just looks like it feels good to play. Like it feels good to move, to jump, to shoot. The basic stuff really. It might the animation, it might the art style but Mighty No. 9 just looks like a video game I will play and enjoy.

Sign me up.


    I think that's a fair concern. I mean for all the love Mega Man gets the bulk of it stems from Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3 and Mega Man X even though there are plenty of other games in there (I would count Mega Man 7 but I never felt like it was really that well recieved before emulation came along).
    There's no lack of substance in the games but I feel like they're sort of in that Pac Man zone where everyone knows it and loves it but they don't actually want to play the game.

    That said, Might No 9 looks great. My only concern at this point is that it looks a little busy mechanic-wise. The weapons appear to do more than just additional damage with a slightly different way of aiming them. That may or may not be a bad thing but it's pretty easy to get carried away on that front.

      I go back and play Megaman every now and then. It's one of my goto games when nothing else keeps me interested; along with Super Metroid, Castlevania and a handful of classic pc games.

      This looks so MegaMan X it has me hyped as heck, I play X annually, at least.

    Looks great! but im wanting a few things...
    1. Co-op online multiplayer (working something like super mario bros on wii U.)
    2. Jumping into machines and vehicles (like metal slug 3)
    3. Innovative levels e.g. ( level where you jetpack upwards through obstacles or a level where your swinging around with a hookshot type weapon like in metroid)
    (can you tell i like nintendo side scrollers? :P)

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    I'm going to have to get 2 copies. One for PC and one for my 3DS. Love me sidescrolling action

    I dunno, I'm still not entirely sold. There's just something missing from it.

    Also it still really looks like a Unity game.

      I imagine they aren't working on shaders too hard as they will take advantage of Unity's new shader system which is currently in beta. It's the old crappy standard shaders that give that "unity" look. The new stuff is AAA grade, with the right talent behind it it should compete with UE4.

      "There's just something missing from it."
      Megaman :P

    Yep. Apart from the over-reliance on air-dashing it looks pretty much Mega Man. Which is not a bad thing. I'm certainly interested - I'll probably buy it - but as a hardcore MM fan who owns all of the original, X and Zero series, there's almost like a feeling of betrayal in liking this.

    So so keen for this, loving the constant stream of quality platformers coming out in recent times!

    Backer's got a demo of the War Factory stage as well... damn fun demo :D

    The stage balance was just right for a demo and you definitely get a "speed run" vibe that compels you to get better and better at the stage.

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