OK, So It's A... Narwhal Jousting Game

OK, So It's A... Narwhal Jousting Game

Starwhal is a narwhal jousting game. It's set in an '80s neon rendition of outer space. What more do you really need to know?

Oh yes, and it has OVER 9000 NARWHAL COSTUME COMBOS. Also it's pretty fun. I guess that's important too.

For real though, Starwhal is a fun concept — flip-flopping physics-based unicorn fish combat — that's been expanded out to a full game. Where once it was merely a local multiplayer game about skewering hearts on your majestic space horn, it's now added these things for a full release:

  • 4 player local multiplayer mayhem - 90+ costumes, 25 arenas, and 4 game modes to duke it out with friends or AI players.
  • 32 single player Obstacle and Target challenges with leaderboards, ghost replays, and achievements.
  • Successfully made it through Steam Early Access, shaping the game around the feedback from fans around the world.
  • New radical graphic effects!
  • You can be a space narwhal wrapped in a burrito.

And sweet wall/'whal jumps:

OK, So It's A... Narwhal Jousting Game

I'm down, though as ever I wonder how much meat this one has on its burly whalbones for people who don't always keep three friends in their storage closet in case of local multiplayer-related emergencies.

Also "just the tip" is a dumb subtitle. Sorry. I get the joke, but no.

As a game, though, the core of Starwhal is an unabashedly silly good time. You can grab the full version on Steam right now.


    Truly this is the dawn of the new age of laser grids and magenta lightning.

    And it is glorious.

    slow on the news uptake... this has been out for ages.

    Someones been trolling their discovery queue.

    I was also going to chime in about having seen this some time ago - many months ago the Game Grumps did an episode on this game, which was the first I've heard of it.
    But upon looking closer, it seems the game had its full proper release on Steam today (yesterday), and thus the article. The more you know!

    Does anyone know if it has true local co-op? or is it being falsely advertised on steam? All the trailers and game modes look like "multiplayer" not "co-op"

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