One Of The Most Difficult Things In Diablo III

One Of The Most Difficult Things In Diablo III

Torment VI is no longer the hardest setting in Diablo III. With Greater Rifts — tiered dungeons — added, everything beyond Rank 25 is harder. So completing a Rank 40 Greater Rift is quite difficult. Yet, some folks can complete them in under eight minutes.

You have 15 minutes to do the run, every mob has billions of HP and if you don’t stun them in time, they can basically kill you in one hit. Still, Diablo III veteran Alkaizer (he was the one reaching Paragon Level 100 first in the world) and his buddy Philos were able to rush through Rank 40 with plenty of time left. And they did it with Season 1 characters, which means these characters didn’t even exist two weeks ago.

One Of The Most Difficult Things In Diablo III

Here’s the VOD of Alkaizer’s stream below, but more importantly, click here for the part where all the madness starts when they enter a Rank 40 Greater Rift. They’re lucky with pylons, mob types and mob density but that doesn’t make their run less impressive.

Alkaizer’s Stream [Twitch]


  • The randomness of the Grifts are really starting to Piss me off, got stuck in one only rank 24, mob density so low even stead charging through multiple levels there wasn’t enough mobs, my group of four went through 6 levels of trash mobs, with only 3 elite packs.
    Its just not enough, kill those packs in a matter of seconds but cannot physically get enough to pass the rifts. and this happens all too often.

    • …or you roll a grift full of obnoxious elites waiting for you at the foot of the portal, causing many tears of frustration.

      • Nah i love that, when its hard and slightly painful its makes for more fun 😀 we have a mate that whenever we come across a speed pylon he literally runs off and tries to agro the entire map and kite them back to us.

        • lol…glutton for punishment eh? At level 30+ dealing with those nasty packs and keeping to the time limit can be an interesting exercise, particularly in public games.

    • Indeed. On top of density, the elite affix combinations can be rather horrific as well, especially for melee. Arcane, frozen, electrified, fire-chained mobs pretty much equate to instant death for me in anything above 32. Easy if you are ranged and can kite/afk while your pets do the work, but even with incredible defenses (30 million toughness), there is no way for traditional melee playstyles to progress.

      GRifts are more about getting lucky with density/elites than they are about build/gear/skill. Fact.

  • Looking forward to getting this deep into the game.

    Is it just me or has moving the game to a console, complete with slightly more “arcadey” controls, completely thrown off the difficult level in Diablo III?
    I remember playing through Diablo I and II years back and you always had to be at least careful most places on your first run through on each difficulty.

    I had to turn the difficulty up three times on my first playthrough and I still killed the 4th act boss without any real problems.
    I think I died twice during the main campaign and both times it was by a random elite monster (or whatever they’re called) and not a full-blown boss.

    I’m glad you can customise the difficulty given how poorly balanced it is but I certainly miss the days when the game just put a wall of challenge in front of you and said “pass this to continue”. I don’t like having to question myself “Ok, this is WAY too easy turn it up” and “Ok, this boss is slightly difficult just make him easy” because it ruins the atmosphere of the game.

    • Realistically it’s healthier to mentally override the default difficulty descriptions and use a more accurate template. For example:

      Torment 6 = Hard. Torment 1 = Medium. Master = Easy. Expert or lower = Tutorial.

      Playing on Torment 1 from the beginning and never going lower is about the ideal difficulty for maximum risk vs reward gameplay for newbies. Going any lower and you and not doing yourself justice.

      However, you will prob need to play through the game at least once to unlock said difficulties.

  • I’m only level 68 and I’ve been doing the Nephalem Rifts. Now watching that stream makes mine look like a walk in the park.

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