Our First Proper Look At The Resident Evil Re-Re-Release

Here’s the first trailer for the latest HD release of the first Resident Evil, which was announced earlier this month.

As Capcom said, the goal of the remake (of the 2002 remake) is to capture the “sheer terror” of Resident Evil and, judging by the video, they seem to be on the right track.

The Resident Evil HD re-release comes to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC early next year.

Trailer 1 [Resident Evil@YouTube]

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  • Uh, doesn’t sony & microsoft have something like virtual console that lets you play retro games on their consoles?

    • this is a remake of the nintendo remake they did in 2002 for the gamecube . it still looks like the gamecube version though

  • EPIC LOL Nothing new Looks just like the gamecube version , yet it perplexes me as to why this doesnt have a wii u release . absolute trollop if you ask me. ill be impressed when they remake Re2 and nemesis Now that would get me all moist

    • Of course it looks the same as the Gamecube version…because it IS the Gamecube version – just an HD remaster of it.

      • it doesnt look very hd compared to the gamecube version , honestly looks the same , maybe they will add the hd bit in the final product lol

  • From what I’ve heard the reason why we never saw a RE2 and Nemesis remake was because the REmake and 0 didn’t sell as well as they needed it to. So maybe if this port does well enough Capcom might go back to milking the RE series.

      • Well let’s look at the past few RE games; Resident Evil 5 only got two releases, 6 only got one and Revelations only got a port, and they only made one mini-game into a full release. By Capcom standards that’s practically ignoring the franchise in favour of making another minor Street Fighter update.

    • i would blame the poor port sales on the gamecube , if had of been for ps2 or xbox it might have been better received , so yes quite a valid point you have indeed 🙂

    • i would blame the poor port sales on the gamecube , if had of been for ps2 or xbox it might have been better received , so yes quite a valid point you have indeed 🙂

  • God I hope they update the voice acting and script there is nothing that pulls me out of that game more than the dodgy stilted acting and ridiculous script.

  • Looks & sounds just like the GC version, although I’m sure it will be 1080p. Pitty there’s no WiiU version, the controller screen would be perfect for inventory/map.

  • A HD re release of Res Evil 4 would be better.
    While theyre at it, cut Leons hair and replace Ashleys voice with a less annoying one

    • They’ve already done this, first with Resident Evil 4 HD on 360 and PS3 late 2011, and Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition on PC in February of this year.

  • While these graphics were mind-bendingly amazing in their day, I really can’t see them looking great in 1080p…
    I’ve got the Cube version. I’ll just stick to that.

  • It’s been a while since I played the remake on the Gamecube so my memory could be skewed, but does anyone else think Chris’s voice sounds different?

    • In Destructiod’s story about the two new trailers, they wrote “Capcom also noted that the REmake remake will feature new, “professional” voice acting.”
      Though no other site I’ve found has also reported this, I agree with you – some of it does sound different! Wesker saying “CHRISTHISWAY!” is definitely the same though.
      I remember when the HD ports of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 were on the way, Konami revealed they’d changed the voices for at least one of the games, and spoke publicly about how it was due to flaws in the contracts signed by the original actors. Apparently, using their voices again would require paying them a second time, or something. Outcry from the fans helped push them to restore the original voice work as an optional extra by the time of release though… but I wonder if it’ll be for similar reasons, should the voices be different in REmake HD?
      Personally, I wouldn’t mind Roger Craig Smith (RE5 and 6) re-doing Chris, and Patricia Ja Lee (RE5 – much better than whoever did her in Revelations!) again as Jill.

  • RE 0,1,2,3,4 and code veronica, the reason I bought the game cube and the reason why I would never sell it. Capcom you suck, why not release this on the wiiu, I would buy them all again, what fan wouldn’t.

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