Paragon Level 300

Paragon Level 300

Briefly: And I still haven't seen a single Wand of Woh drop. I know maining a wizard might not be the most efficient way to level up but it's so much fun.


    Gratz. About to hit paragon 100 on the PS4 on a fresh account. Loving it much more than pc which I was only P126

    Those big ones are a nice feeling...or a reminder of how much time you're wasting. One or the other. :D

    I hit 400 earlier in the week, and found the vault for the first time. Shazzam!

    my WOH dropped from a normal cache in act 1 a few months ago =P

    using it in multiplayer sucks though, its super effective but everyone hates you for having it >_>

    paragon 443 non season, paragon 255 season, never seen a kridershot, shard of hate or Wand of Woh or furnace drop yet

    Nicely done ^_^
    yea the wand of woh is nice but what you really want are the Hammer Jammer pants :)
    these pants cannot be touched don't you know :P

    Question: What is this paragon thing? I'm in the early part of act 3 and so far it's just a tab on the inventory / stat screen. I keep waiting for the game to tell me what it is and how to level it up, but so far nothing.

      When you get to level 70 you then start to level up your paragon levels, giving you 1 Point to spend per level up. They are for all characters and you have different paragon levels for hardcore and normal. Eg you have a paragon level 300, and start a new character. You will have 300 paragon points to put into that character. It's a great system to give you a small reward and incentive to keep playing. You can have infinite paragon levels

        Ah, ok, thanks. I'm currently level 42 which would explain why the Paragon thing is just sitting there not doing anything:P

    Finally goty Cindercoat yesterday for my monk. Sadly I'm not TR specced anymore.
    4pc SWK procs are more fun anyway

    I have a friend who is over paragon 600 and still hasn't found the Wand of Woh either. He is finding it very frustrating as he has played over 1800 hours with his wizard and found virtually nothing.

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