PayDay 2 Is Getting A Special Hotline Miami-Themed DLC

Briefly: PayDay 2 is getting a special Hotline Miami-themed DLC later this month, Overkill Software announced this morning. I wonder what it's gonna be like getting up close and personal with all that ultra-violence!


    Awesome. Bought a 4 pack on steam a while back for $30.

    Friends and I have around 200-300 hours each racked up now :)

    The constant drop of DLC just keeps bringing us back.

    I'm worried this will just be 4 masks and some melee weapons. They really haven't impressed me with their dlc thus far.

      Hold thy tongue heathen, lest you be smote thrice by the Gods.

    Holy Fuck! Two of my favourite games are coming together! I hope they deliver something awesome.

    Glad to see Payday 2 supported, and it's going to include a heist :) Any news on Hotline Miami 2 release date btw?

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