Phew, Ex-WipEout Devs' New Racing Game Looks Just Like WipEout

Phew, Ex-WipEout Devs' New Racing Game Looks Just Like WipEout

WipEout games have been synonymous with PlayStation platforms ever since the PS1. When Sony closed the studio responsible for the futuristic racing series in 2012, it looked like the PS4 wouldn't be getting a WipEout game. But it — and the Xbox One — might be. Sort of.

Formula Fusion — a newly announced game from R8, a new collective made up of former Studio Liverpool folks — looks like it's going for the exact kind of techno-fabulous speed combat experience that the WipEout games delivered. It's got hovering vehicles moving at supersonic speed, customisable weapon upgrades and tunes from electronica artist Dub FX. You'll see the name Slamjet Racing in there but that's an old moniker that's since been changed. Formula Fusion is being aimed at PS4, Xbox One and PC for 2015.


    Used to play on N64. As a little kid I thought it was just the absolute coolest thing ever. I may actually have to buy a next gen console for this.

    Wipeout games are a part of my identification with the Playstation brand. I was devastated when they closed Studio Liverpool, as Wipeout Future (I think it was called) on PS3 was fantastic.
    Good to see they're developing something which seems as if it's along exactly the same lines.

    Its devastating that you filed this under Xbox, that stings. At any rate, I couldn't believe that Sony shut down SL in 2012 and have been eagerly following this games development on the WipeoutZone forums. Kills me that there may never be another WipEout, as that series is a part of me and one of the reasons I am a gamer.

    Yep, I completely identify. The only reason I ever got any Sony consoles was for WipEout. I was first exposed to it on the Saturn, but loved it enough to buy my own WipEut-playing machines :) The very first is still my favourite, 2097 was great, and Pure/Pulse were brilliant, but my heart still beats in time with the original. I was absolutely devastated when Sony Liverpool got shut down. Psygnosis had been a staple of my gaming diet, and to have it gone just like that was horrible. Glad to see this - I hope the music goes back to the original trancey/housey stuff, that would just make my day :)

      I bought a PS3 to play WipEout HD and still play it today, and I bought a Vita for the sole purpose of playing 2048.


    Cant wait, love me some Wipeout. :)

    Needs work. the vehicle doesn't really move, it's stuck at the exact same height off the ground constantly and doesn't seem properly susceptible to various forces. On rails?
    Looks console quality, but appears to handle and play like an android game. Hope they fix that up.

      It's literally pre-Alpha gameplay in the truest sense, they've barely started actual development, this is mostly conceptual work and they've said they're addressing that stickiness :)

    I love wipeout but this game look very Boring... They need.more inovation and Speed.. The soundtrack play a very important roll also... They need Sasha and something like prodigy from the first one

    I hope this has cockpit view and will be VR compatible : >

    This is exciting. I hope they make this game accessible to the public and not impossible to play like their last version of Wipeout. Wipeout Fury caught a serious case of Streetfighter syndrome - it became so insular amongst the developers of the game and a small community fanboys... that they made it too hard to play, so no one new wanted to go near the game. Thus did the streetfighter series die... and unfortunately Wipeout too.

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