Players Have Already Started To Mod Destiny

When I think mods, I typically also think PC gaming. But people do mod games on consoles too — and it looks like modders are starting to sink their teeth into Destiny.

Right now, it looks like modders haven't figured out how to do anything particularly game-breaking yet. The main mod I've seen floating around is one that lets modders shoot indefinitely, without ever having to reload or get more ammo. It's an infinite ammo/no reload glitch, as you can see above in the video by 0neThatsExiled.

Other people seem to be messing around with the mod too:

Hopefully things don't get too out of hand with Destiny mods, given that it's a multiplayer game. We'll keep you updated with anything we learn.


    Hopefully they'll mod fun into the game.

    Hahahahaha! I'm sorry, that was really mean. I've only played the beta, that's not fair.

      I was not overly impressed by the BETA but i only got it because i could get it for $55. I still seam to be playing it, it gives me a kinda halo feel to it. Gotta play something till master chief collection comes out

        You could play Reach instead. it's free in 2 days.

          Allready got it, only one i don't have is H5

            Then double own it.

            and if you already own it then why aren't you playing it? Do you need a co-op player for campaign?

          Thanks for the reminder. I really need to put an alert into my phone to remind me to check Games with Gold on the 15th.

            Games with Gold?

              Every month Microsoft give out free digital copies of XBOX 360/XBOX One games with their XBOX Live Gold subscriptions (like Sony do with PS+ if you're more familiar with Playstation). The program is called Games with Gold if you're interested in looking it up, but honestly if you don't already have a XBOX Live Gold subscription I wouldn't recommend it. The games are usually critically well rated but they're old so it's rare to see anything you couldn't get for around the same price as the membership.

    Hopefully those abusing the infinite ammo glitch get banned asap. not cool.

      Eh, they'll try to justify it. Just like the people who tried to justify the repair glitch in Battlefield, or riding the drone, or super bouncing and button glitches in Halo 2.

        Hm, given this information it'll indeed be interesting to see how they handle the situation...

        Your move Bungie, your move....
        *strokes invisible cat*

    Shit like this ruins online games. Like people using glitches in GTA online to become literally invincible and able to cover large distances in an instant. Turds.
    Rockstar are reasonably quick to perma-ban offenders once they're reported though.

    since when did straight up hacks start being referred to as mods?

    this is hacking... plain and simple...

      Agreed. Just because the douche in the vid calls it a mod doesn't make it a mod.

    Modded xbox games run on a non MS server (Pc was required to connect to it) - and you require a modded xbox.
    I played a moon version of halo and a few other mods

    Yeah... But you see if the title was "Players have started to hack Destiny" most people would not find it surprising and actually click on the article to see what was being talked about.

    Last edited 12/09/14 11:20 pm

    Bungie is going to fucc you Hackers/Moders sore, but keep having fun.

    Hopefully they'll mod fun into the game. Hahahahaha! I'm sorry, that was really mean. I've only played the beta, that's not fair.
    Lol. Whilst I see where the haters are coming from, I'm not minding the game so far. Only been playing for four hours, but it's keeping me interested. Hopefully it continues to do so.

    Last edited 13/09/14 8:41 am

    Seriously........Destiny can die a slow painful death. What a POS game.

      Nice feedback. Any particular reason why it's a POS or just yelling an opinion based on observation into the void?

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