PlayStation Plus Is Free This Weekend In Australia

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has just announced it is making PlayStation Plus free for all PlayStation 4 users this coming weekend.

So from 26 September 17:00 AEST until 29 September 2014 17:00 AEST, you'll have access to all of the PlayStation Plus benefits, including the free games. This is a pretty sweet deal.

No sign ups of any kind are required, all you need to do is turn on your PlayStation 4 and get going.

This will allow you to play online on the PlayStation 4, obviously, but if I could make a little suggestion I suggest you get to downloading Velocity 2X, which is one of the free games on PlayStation Plus this month. That game is extremely cool, particularly for those among you that like a proper old school challenge. I've been spending a little time with this one inbetween Destiny sessions, and it's very good.


    Get in and do some Destiny strikes, if there is anyone actually playing Destiny without PS+

      I didn't think you could play Destiny on a PS4 without PS+?

        Yeah there's a surprising amount you can do without PS+, it's really only coop strikes, adversarial multiplayer & raids that require it. Not sure if you can do the regular missions in coop without it but they don't specifically say "playstation plus required" like the other parts do

        You can play everything except group specific content, strikes, raids and crucible

    Ah-huh, and when IS this free weekend?

      "So from 26 September 17:00 AEST until 29 September 2014 17:00 AEST, you’ll have access to all of the PlayStation Plus benefits, including the free games."


          I feel really stupid but... what is the joke?

            Eh, good enough.

      I see. And how MUCH is this free weekend?

        nananananananana Batman, I mean Leader. I love the Leader

        Oh a free weekend of PS+,........if only I brought my wallet !

    Edit: Meant to reply to another comment.

    Last edited 23/09/14 10:42 am

    So PS+ free games are only yours until the sub runs out, right?

      I'm not 100% sure on the rules but I believe you lose them when your subscription runs out, but you access to all previously claimed games if you resubscribe later. So it's worth logging in and claiming the games even if you don't plan on getting PS+ right now.

      Yeah but from what I've been told, they're marked as owned for your account and you can use them again when & if you reactivate a subscription so if you're interested in them you might as well grab them

      If you buy games that have a PS+ discount, they're yours for keeps as well.

    Sweet. Thanks for the heads up. Would have missed it otherwise.

    I got Borderlands 2 on a free weekend a while ago when I had PS+ for a month....will I be able to play it again?

      I guess that would depend on whether the PS+ benefits extend to a PS3 once you've logged in with a PS4 (since the story only says it is for PS4 users).

    Consoles have to pay for multiplayer? As an extra after you've purchased a given game?

    There is a little table describing exactly what is free this weekend here:

    It seems that it's only online multiplayer on PS4, and no other PS+ benefits. I guess that's why they were limiting it to PS4: on other Sony platforms you don't need PS+ for this.

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