PS3 Owners Will Get To Try Out The Open Beta Of PlayStation Now Streaming Service

Briefly: Starting today, PS3 owners will get the chance to try out the open beta of PlayStation Now streaming service. God of War: Ascension, inFAMOUS, and the recently released Ultra Street Fighter IV will be joining the 150 or so games currently in the PlayStation Now catalogue.


    Well, at least the article was about twice the length of most 'briefly' articles.

    Should I even bother opening the link or will it be for US owners only atm?

      You can sign up "to receive notification when the service is available for your specific PlayStation™Now compatible device in your area."

      But the link is then , so I'm not particularly hopeful...

      EDIT: Please enter correct Zip code in following format XXXXX or XXXXX-XXXX. is not a good sign.

      Last edited 19/09/14 3:45 pm

    I'd really like to know how this'll work on Australian internet connections...

      It'll be the same as the US: if they have data centres close enough to you it'll work fine. If not, then it will suck.

      Bandwidth is unlikely to be a problem (assuming you can stream video from e.g. YouTube or Twitch at an acceptable resolution). Latency is what makes or breaks a service like this, and that's why the servers need to be close by so your button presses are acted on in a reasonable amount of time.

        Latency has always been awful for me on PSN. I expect it will be just the same with this :(

          Right. If they ever plan to offer this service here, it would require new infrastructure located in this country. And possibly in multiple data centres around Australia: Perth to Sydney latency might start to get uncomfortable.

    Why can't you steam PS4 games to PS3? Because reasons.

    I'd just be happy if I could play PS2 Discs

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