Real Life Disney Princes Would Be Horrible People

With the possible exception of Prince Ali (possibly not his real name), Disney Princes would be terrible people in real life, as BuzzFeed demonstrates.

Watching this I've begun to realise just how much of a negative influence Disney movies have had on my life. They have planted unrealistic notions in my head, which I'm going to go ahead and blame for the entirety of my first marriage. Thanks a lot, Disney.

Again, the only vaguely redeemable one is Aladdin, and only because I firmly believe the world needs more spontaneous musical numbers, and if we've got to steal the odd car or two to make it happen, so be it.


    Most of the princes of the fairy tales that disney based them off were horrible people. Cases in point: prince of sleeping beauty RAPED the princess a couple of times in the early editions of the story, snow white's prince was based off a casanova spanish king who led snow white's real life equivilant to commit suicide, little mermaid's prince ignored the mermaid of her advances, which inspired a character's storyline in magica madoka, even with the mermaid based witch. Yeah 2 princes in beauty & the beast counts as horrible princes, 1 is a rapist, while another has held the princess in question, that she developed stockholm syndrome, in which she devoloped feelings for her captor, plus there are plenty of others that disney based off from the works of grim & sold it to little girls

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