Remember This?

Congratulations to julesliam for guessing Friday's (and Thurday's and Wednesday's) Remember This. That was fairly epic. The game was Attack of the Saucermen. Now to today's effort...

I think it's going to be too easy, but have at it regardless!



      Nailed it I reckon

        Yep, spot on:

      what did I miss guys.........oh its guessed already............bbb....bu.....but.....I only just got here !

      its totally MDK, man I loved that game.

        The one time I know it before I even click on the article and someone has it already. Dang!

      Goddamnit... saw the shot on the main page and came here to say MDK and i was beaten to it... fffff good guess.

      I have never played this game and it's the first thing that came to mind. Yikes!

      Man, the first one I recogonise in an instant and you beat me to it!

      That game takes me back, always loved that sky diving intro!

    Looks like MDK... maybe. The polygons reminder me of it anyhow.

    Damn, my first thought was MDK but well and truly beaten to it...

    Am I wrong or was there some Australian controversy about this game (MDK) in its day? Tried to googles but didn't come up with anything. Some part of me wants to say there was a censorship issue, but perhaps I'm just confusing it with the similar letters of Mortal Kombat (MK)... Anyone?

      Not sure, but I know MK has had plenty. MDK was a sweet game back in the day, especially the first one. Soundtrack, the suit, the characters, all awesome! Here is a funny piece of useless trivia. A lot of peopel thought MDK stood for 'Murder Death Kill'. However Shiny, the guys who also made Earthworm Jim, debunked that later when MDK2 came out.
      It is actually named after the characters you could play which also appeared in the first game:
      Max (the 4 armed dog), Doctor (The doctor/professor) and Kurt Hectic (The main hero in the suit)

      I remember seeing it on the news or something once.

      I think maybe it got a run on A Current Affair or a show like that?
      The name apparently stands for Murder Death Kill or something similarly stupid, it does sound like the kind of thing that would make baby Jesus cry.



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