Remember This?

Congratulations to Gookywho was first to guess that yesterday's Remember This was Irritating Stick. He seemed quite excited that he finally managed to guess one. GO YOU!

Good luck with this one. I can't tell if it's way too easy or way too hard!


    Turok (the latest one)

      Did Turok really look that bad? I would peg whatever game this is as mid PS2/GCN/XBox era, rather than early-mid PS3/360/Wii era (it could fit for the Wii, but the style doesn't fit any Wii game I can immediately think of).

    Haha, just a little excited. Mostly that frustration of the name being on the tip of your tongue but just not making it out. I had to google "ps1 skill tester game" (which led all of nowhere) before my mind went "electro stick", which got me there in the end.

    No idea today though. Makes me think of the Ganon fight at the end of OoT.

      Empty your mind of what you want to think about. Just start saying "the name of the thing I'm thinking of is ..." and just say whatever word your mind lets you.

      Usually works for me. If I don't get the word I want, I at least get a pretty good clue.

    I'm thinking Sly Cooper or Shadowman. Both stuck in my head because they feature levels with bones. Neither is correct.

      Little too clear for Shadowman. had it up a while ago and I got really excited except it looks awful. Far worse than my memory had led me to believe.

    I'd recognize those trees anywhere, it's WoW.

    I'm thinking Dustwallow Marsh or Duskwood. Probably Dustwallow because the Ogre camp has tents made of bones.

    Last edited 04/09/14 1:04 pm

      Dustwallow's palette is more brown than green like this. The sky reminds me of Desolace, or Terrokar Forest.

      But I agree, it looks like WoW.

        Desolace then! You're right Dustwallow has a brighter palette.

        Possibly Kodo bones from the graveyard?

        Last edited 04/09/14 1:35 pm

    Along with thinking it was Turok.. Im going to to go with Heavenly Sword.

    That game was awesome.

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