Remember This?

Okay, new week new Remember This. I'm declaring victory. The game was Ground Control II: Operation Exodus. No-one got it.

Now for today's. It's also a humdinger. Good luck everyone, I think you're going to need it.


    Looks sparkly. I'll go with Bayonetta ;)

    Don't know why, but it's got me thinking Dungeon Keeper.

    Does look like N64 era assets though.

    I'm thinking Vagrant Story! Those brown textures look familiar.

    I'm going to go with Tombraider PSone
    .....probably waaaay off.....

    Damn it I know those star thingies! I'm getting a Golden Sun vibe but there's no way that can be right

      Or Tomba (Tombi) 2, cause the thing in the back kinda looks like the final boss pigs chamber

    Looks a bit like a draw point near a fountain in Final Fantasy 8.

    Looks like something on the Quake 2 Engine... I'm going with Heretic 2

    VAGRANT STORY!!! Can't believe I got one for once :D :D :D Registered just to win hehehe

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