Remember This?

Congratulations to Cronobreak, who managed to guess yesterday's Remember This. It was Vagrant Story. Damn, I managed to confuse a lot of you, but the eagle eyes on some of the Kotaku readers is terrifying.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Is it Black and White?

      Damn you!

      *shakes fist in impotent nerd rage*

        Whoohoooo! (If we’re right).

        I was sure someone would have beaten me to it by the time I got it posted.
        I couldn’t remember the name of the game!

      Yep, god I'd love to see a new version of this game with modern graphics and physics.


    If it's not Black and White then I'll say it's Giants: Citizen Kabuto. But I think @foggy has it.

    Spyro 1 on the PSone only saying this as i never played black & white

    Definitely Black and White.. needs a HD remake imo :D

    Giants: Citizen kabuto

    Edit: fk someone got inb4

    Last edited 09/09/14 12:32 pm

    Definately Black & White, I recognize that rock formation.

    dagnabbit, the one day I don't check Remembet This and it's one of my favourite games

    It appears Mark and I don't play any of the same games at all. One of these days I'm gonna know the game, one of these days...

    Terminal Velocity was the first thing that sprung to mind (but its not its black and white..)

    Lol Guess it's Black and white

    I would have guessed Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

    Pokémon Snap.

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