Remember This?

My favourite part about yesterday's Remember This was that despite the fact it was guessed correctly early on (Gitaroo Man — well done Zar) people just kept on with the guesses throughout the day. That was kind of hilarious.

Good luck with today's effort.


    GTA Vice City

      You just reminded me of how funny it was watching / protecting Phil Collins while they played In the Air Tonight in Vice City Stories, that was a surprise.

    Rock Band? Or one of the Guitar hero games? Probably not.. most likely guessed yesterday anyway

    Final Fantasy VII, when you are playing that one minigame in the golden saucer where you are on a rollercoaster shooting stuff?

    Edit: or maybe chocobo racing?

    Last edited 11/09/14 12:27 pm

    Britney Spears Dance studio or whatever the hell the game that i guessed yesterday was called.

    Spice World!

      I guessed this game yesterday, and was about to again..... if this is correct, hell hath no fury! lol

        I only thought of it coz I saw your post yesterday haha. If I'm right, please don't hit me! I bruise easily.

    I really want to guess the Courtney Gears boss fight from Ratchet & Clank 3 but that's probably still wrong...

    Yesterday was Gitaroo Man? Dammit! The one day I don't check!

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