Remember This?

Congrats to Energydrinkhigh (weird/cool username dude) yesterday's game was Spice World! I saw Edenist post this as a guess for an earlier Remember This and I thought, man, that would be a cool game to put yesterday's effort! Sorry you missed it Edenist!

Good luck with today's image everyone.


    Interesting. It really makes me think Banjo Pilot, even though I'm pretty sure it's not from that. Still, feels a lot like a GBA colour palette.

    Guardian's crusade. Friend had it on his Ps...

      Well done my friend!

    Hooray! I finally get my 15 minutes!!! Haha

    And Edenist is gonna kill me... Worth it!

      how the hell did you remember spice world? did you own it?

        I wanna say I had a younger sister but that's a lie. My older brother actually went through a Spice Girls phase. I'm sure he's the reason we ended up with it.

          your older brother hey.....hahaha sure sure ;)
          nah thats good stuff. well done. i went through a spice girls phase at that age too, but i spent a lot more time alone locked in the bathroom with the latest issue of tv hits.

      I was thinking of some way to communicate the level of insufferable rage I was feeling when I saw the words "spice world", and how all of the cats in the neighbourhood have suddenly bolted in all directions away from my house and that Satan himself had called up and tried to calm me down....

      but, the most realistic image of me right now is


      Well played, energydrinkhigh... well played....

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    Pac Man World.

      wtf? crotchdot guessed incorrectly? I didn't think that was possible!

        I'm crap when it comes to anything Nintendo.

          i dont think this was nintendo right?

    Looks so familiar but I can't think of it!

    Edit: Nevermind should have refreshed haha.

    Last edited 12/09/14 12:44 pm

    Animal Crossing

    Edit: Nope just saw it was solved :) gg

    Last edited 12/09/14 1:16 pm

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