Remember This?

I'm sort of happy Amelia managed to guess Friday's Remember This, mainly because I had almost forgotten what game I had actually posted! Well done, it was Guardian's Crusade. Amazing get. I thought we might have been struggling with this one for a couple of days.

Good luck with today's game everyone!



      Thought this too. The colours may not be 100% correct though.

      edit: Yeah, you got it. Gutted, one I finally knew!

      Last edited 15/09/14 12:08 pm

        Me too. I really did know this one for once. :(

      My first thought too! Loved barnstorming!

        Heh. I remember trying to keep the flying birds bouncing in front of the plane. Bugger the barns.

      Shit you're quick off the mark! I duck out for a meeting and lunch and bam, game over :P

        Guess I got lucky today. Early lunch :)

    Makes me think of that Drag Race game, on Atari I think?

      Dragster! I loved that game! But it's not it. Colours are wrong and the fencey kind of bits were above the car in that I think.

    I frigging loved this game. And the initials were BS, so my brother and I used to chuckle over our insanely clever puns on the shortened title.

    Haha it looks like Mark has "barnstorming" on the brain, he used it as an adjective in this weeks upcoming games article. Maybe he always gives out sneaky hints?

    I know its already been had but ill throw in texas chainsaw massacre for the 2600 lol

    I reckon it was Stampede too.

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