Remember This?

Jesus. That didn't take you long did it? Friday's Remember This was a race to the buzzer with everyone and their blind Grandmother guessing it right.

Good luck with today's image. Just know that I'm secretly hoping you all fail miserably.



      Nah, its a puzzle adventure ... or a turn based battle game, by the look of the detail

      *stabs in the dark*

      Some dinky Prince of Persia re-make?

    Spec Ops: The Line?

      Also Mark, could you announce which game it was for the last Remember this? You usually do but I notice sometimes you forget.

    Super Mario 64?

      That was gonna be my guess, usually when I have no clue it's a Nintendo game.

    God of War - the effing desert of lost souls level, arghhh.

    Star Wars - Episode 1: Racer

      Damn, that was going to be my pick!

      I hope you're wrong ;-)

    Or perhaps Journey? [I know that's a favourite of yours Mark :p ]

    tge sig

    Argh, no blind grandma, it's not the Dig. Now stay away from the keyboard.

    I’m going with Mario Kart 64, given that people have picked Episode 1 Racer and Diddy Kong Racing above.

    It’s a N64 game for sure! Nothing else does textures that washed out :-)

    Golden Sun

    Please be Giants: Citizen Kabuto

      I was gonna say the same thing, although I'm late to seeing this one by a whole day lol.

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