Remember This?

You guys are ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. How did someone guess yesterday's game? It was impossible. At 10.23pm last night redmonkeybeard swaggers in and totally guesses yesterday's Remember This when I was just about to unleash my victory jaunt.

It was Jet Force Gemini. Unbelievable.

Good luck with today's game!


    Soldier of Fortune

      Man, I played the shit out of that game.

      The dismemberment..... oh my the dismemberment....

      SOF2 online was actually really awesome, too!

        Oh dude. I must have played through the first one close to ten times. It was so so so good.

          Yeah, it was just a really easy shooter to get into. No bullshit, just guns and shooting bad dudes.

          I remember the first time I played it, I was thinking 'oh man, look how much money I'm making.... gonna buy the best thing ever when I can spend it!'.....

          Most disappointed ending ever, haha

            Its the first game I can remember that had a sound meter. When you put it on the hardest even if you throwing knifed a dude, him yelling would send in a troop more guys.

            Good times. No. Great times.

    I still right click and 'inspect element' in the vain hope that one day, Mr Serrels, you will forget to change the file name for the image and I will guess it correctly... One day Serrels, one day...

    Aside from that - Dino Crisis? Or Dino Crisis 2?

    Last edited 23/09/14 12:22 pm

    99.999% sure I'm wrong, but Turok?

      My first thought was Turok too! I haven't seen that game in ages though!

    I want to say one of the old Tomb Raiders

    Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace [PS1 version]

    Silent hill.

    Edit: looking at the picture again perhaps Gran Turismo.

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