Remember This?

Some of you were on the right track yesterday, but no-one guessed correctly, which makes this the first Remember This is ages to head into the second day.

I have a feeling that today's guess might give things away a little.

And here's yesterday's image...

Good luck!


    MDK ? To note, I personally never played MDK but watched an old mate play it many years ago, this is most likely not it but for some odd reason that's what comes to mind, other than Borderlands but it's definitely not that.

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    I'm going to go with one of the Sly Raccoon games...

    To get greedy.. My second guess is 'Orphen : Scion of Sorcery'

    Great game.

    im stumped looks like an older handheld game though. perhaps DS or PS Portable.

    Oni? One of Bungie's old games.

    Banjo Kazooie?

    I'm not sure but the textures look stretched and blurred like something from the PS1/Nintendo 64 era although the pixelation makes me think these are screenshots of a youtube video of the game? I checked the source of this page and the image names are consistent with taking a screenshot via OSX.

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    That so looks like a Mario coin. It's not Mario Kart (8), is it?

    That looks one hell of a lot like Super Mario Sunshine...

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