Remember This?

Well done to Puck! He got one! It was Oni. Brilliant guess!

Good luck with today's effort. It's a humdinger.


    point blank... maybe number 2

    For some reason it makes me think Shenmue 2.

    I don't even know why, I've never played the game and don't know much about it :P

    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Primal Rage?

    Google says 'Jet Set Radio Future'

      And here I was hoping that insane compression in the image would've fooled Google's reverse image search to keep this whole thing clean like the rest of the week had been.


    Edit: Yes I got it right for once!!

    Last edited 26/09/14 12:57 pm

      Oh, I loved that game! Was always into Tony Hawks games then this came out, got me all excited because Hover Boards!

      I'd forgotten that game existed. The demo was awesome fun.

    Simcity 2013 + Lowest Graphics Settings + Onboard GPU + No GPU Driver + 640 x 480 Resolution + 5k monitor.

    I could replicate the picture in ANNO 2070 with 99% JPEG compression.

    Last edited 26/09/14 3:19 pm

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